Quiz: How Well Do You Know Dog Breed Standards?
How Well Do You Know Dog Breed Standards?
By: Teresa M.
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About This Quiz

As humans, we have all sorts of standards. We have beauty standards, standards of behavior and standards of living. Dog breeds also have a set of standards, but they are judged quite differently. Dog breed standards refer to only visible traits such as hair, facial features, and temperament. 

As we go through our dog breed standards quiz, we will present you with a question about a breed standard. You must choose the dog you think best represents the standard we have described. It sounds simple, doesn't it? 

Not so fast! According to the World Canine Organization, there are over 300 breeds recognized in 2018. From New Zealand to Alaska, many dogs carry similar traits. However, subtle differences in their observable behavior, hair type and the length of their snouts could be a little tricky to differentiate. 

Nonetheless, it's already clear that you simply love dogs, and we're betting you know a lot more about breed standards than you realize. Whether you prefer to cuddle up with a German Shepherd or go for a jog with a Toy Fox Terrier probably says a lot about your traits, but can you identify the traits of each breed we ask you about? 

Let's find out how well you know dog breed standards!

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Which breed of Korean dog is known for being an escape artist?
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Which shaggy Scottish dog breed is known to be smart but willful?
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Which breed of terrier is one of the largest?
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Which dog breed can weigh up to 150 pounds?
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Which tiny breed weighs no more than seven pounds?
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Which breed was created to exterminate unwanted vermin?
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Which dog breed has short hair on its face and back, but long shaggy hair everywhere else?
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Which dog can weigh up to 230 pounds and stand up to 30 inches tall?
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Which breed is known for its muscular build and tawny coat?
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Which breed is sometimes called the Tuxedo Dog because of its even white markings?
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Which friendly dog's coat comes in yellow, black or chocolate?
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What breed's signature trademark is an egg-shaped head and perky ears?
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Which ginger-haired dog is a real bird dog?
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Which breed can sometimes have one blue eye and one brown eye?
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Which dog has a long-backed body and short legs?
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Which dog stands at a maximum height of 8 inches?
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What dog breed has webbed feet for swimming?
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Which statuesque breed is mostly black with rust markings?
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Which pooch has a hypoallergenic white coat?
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Which breed will indicate direction with its paw?
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Which herding breed has an equally sized skull and muzzle?
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Which breed was sometimes called Spotted Dick because of its unique markings?
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Which miniature breed has pointy bat ears and a square head?
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Which breed's ears resemble two side ponytails, while the rest of the body has short hair?
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Which breed is taller than a lot of humans when it stands on its back legs?
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Which hunting breed is known for its rusty, golden coat?
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Which sleek breed resembles a Greyhound?
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Which breed's long head sports a beard and a mustache?
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Which tiny terrier has floor-length locks?
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Which Japanese breed has a broad face and a curled up tail?
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Which little dog has a fluffy wide head and short legs?
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Which breed's dark eyes and furrowed brow give it an extra-friendly appearance?
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Which breed naturally runs with its head in the air rather than pointing downward?
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Which lapdog has a long, flowing coat?
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Which dog's silvery coat sets it apart from other breeds?
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Which breed's long hair is parted in the middle?
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What breed also comes in a hairless variety?
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Which Welsh dog's stocky yet fluffy appearance is a favorite of Elizabeth II?
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Which white dog stands at a maximum heigh of 9 inches?
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