How Well Do You Know Dog Breed Standards?

Teresa M.

Which breed of Korean dog is known for being an escape artist?

The Korean Jindo is a fiercely loyal but naturally protective dog. The constant need to expand their territory often sees them climbing over fences and digging their way out of enclosed spaces. This highly intelligent breed makes a surprisingly good indoor dog, but requires proper socialization to truly become part of a pack. Jindos are prone to dominant behavior and tend to roam when left alone for long periods of time.

Which shaggy Scottish dog breed is known to be smart but willful?

With their adorable shaggy double coat, Bearded Collies are one of the most playful dogs on the planet. Weighing in at an average of 50 pounds, the Bearded Collie loves being around other people and other animals. However, the breed's intelligence can see them wanting to think for themselves and having moments of willfulness. Scotland's Bearded Collies are also known to be quite the comedians.

Which breed of terrier is one of the largest?

Also known as the Irish Blue Terrier, the Kerry Blue Terrier is only outsized by the Airedale Terrier and the Bull Terrier. Known for its show-stopping curly blue fur, the Kerry Blue Terrier has been adapted from farm dog to protective family member. Although this dog is born with black fur as a puppy, its color fades to a range between blue and silver by 18 months old.

Which dog breed can weigh up to 150 pounds?

Weighing up to 150 pounds, the Newfoundland is one of the world's largest breeds of dogs. Despite its size, the Newfoundland is known for its laid-back temperament and patience with children. Ranging in color from black to brown and white, the Newfoundland is obedient and loyal. They are often referred to in the category of nanny dogs.

Which tiny breed weighs no more than seven pounds?

Favorited by Queen Victoria, Pomeranians are one of the world's most loved dog breeds. With their adorable faces and willingness to learn, these fluffy pets make wonderful family members. Though small in stature, Pomeranians pack a lot of attitude in their tiny bodies. They are known for being alert and will announce any visitor that comes to your home.

Which breed was created to exterminate unwanted vermin?

Originally bred to exterminate rats from farms, Rat Terriers come in two different breed standard sizes. While miniature rat terriers can stand no more than 12 inches tall, the full-sized rat terrier can measure up to 18 inches. The breed was favored by former president Theodore Roosevelt, and comes in many different colors of pied patterns..

Which dog breed has short hair on its face and back, but long shaggy hair everywhere else?

Originally kept by Afghan chieftains, the Afghan Hound was recognized as a breed in 1948. The breed's intelligence and keen hunting instincts made it a perfect dog to survive while hunting alone in the mountains and valleys of Afghanistan. Although the Afghan Hound makes a great family dog, it can be quite standoffish with strangers. Despite the Afghan Hound's elegant appearance, it is a rugged and watchful companion.

Which dog can weigh up to 230 pounds and stand up to 30 inches tall?

Many cultures from Egypt to China have breeds of Mastiffs. In fact, the Roman civilization used Mastiffs as powerful competitors against gladiators. The breed we know and recognize as being the Old English Mastiff today was nearly wiped out after WWII. With the help of American breeders, this gentle and obedient giant is thriving and loves being a family guard dog.

Which breed is known for its muscular build and tawny coat?

After spending time becoming a master sledder in Alaska, Arthur Walden returned to New Hampshire and bred the Chinook in the early 1900s. With their muscular frames and their agility, Chinooks offer the speed of standard sled dogs and the drafting capabilities of other Alaskan breeds. Although they were bred for sled racing, Chinooks became popular family pets. They are extremely people friendly, and they are a family favorite.

Which breed is sometimes called the Tuxedo Dog because of its even white markings?

With their enormous round eyes and their happy-go-lucky nature, Boston Terriers are a lot of fun to have around. With beginnings traced all the way back to an English Terrier and a Bulldog mix named Judge, Boston Terriers are usually brindle, black or seal, with even white markings. The Boston Terrier became so beloved it was adopted as the Boston University mascot nearly 100 years ago and registered as an AKC breed in 1891.

Which friendly dog's coat comes in yellow, black or chocolate?

With their friendly demeanor and expressive faces, Labrador Retrievers are a prized family dog. The breed's loving nature always wants to be a part of the pack and receives high marks for being able to tolerate children and other animals. Originally serving as a trusty companion for the duck hunters of Newfoundland, the Labrador Retriever is known as a waterdog. Their tails act like rudders in the water and steer them along as they efficiently swim.

What breed's signature trademark is an egg-shaped head and perky ears?

Most well known as being the Target dog, Bull Terriers had a rocky beginning rooted in blood sports. After dog fighting was outlawed in the mid-1800s, Bull Terriers found themselves being fashion accessories for young men of the time. Determined to revamp the breed's image, a man named James Hinks decided to refine the breed's physical characteristics and temperament. The once ferocious fighting dog is now the goofy-hearted pride and joy of families around the world!

Which ginger-haired dog is a real bird dog?

The Irish Setter is a medium-sized dog wth a lot of spirit. In the 1800s Irish Setters were bred to freely hunt through the hillsides of Ireland and Scotland. These days, their graceful stride and their friendly nature have seen them winning over 11 Westminster Kennel Club awards. Weighing no more than 70 pounds, Irish Setters are ideal for families. They are highly trainable and they make quite a splash with their glossy red coats.

Which breed can sometimes have one blue eye and one brown eye?

As you can imagine, any dog that could survive in Siberia would need a heavy, thick coat. With an ancestry tracing all the way back to the Chukchi people of China, Siberian Huskies were originally used as agile and compact sled dogs. They are still revered as one of the most efficient and team-oriented dogs on the sledding circuit, but their docile nature and need to be with a pack also make them great family pets.

Which dog has a long-backed body and short legs?

When translated from German, Dachshund means badger hound. With their long, low bodies, Dachshunds have a larger-than-life bark and the ability to tunnel. Unlike less courageous pups, Dachshunds would not give up hunting a badger until it had reached its inner nest. Now one of the most iconic breeds, Dachshunds come in either miniature sized or full-sized, but never grow over 32 pounds. Unless, of course, you leave them alone with the food bowl for too long. Dachshunds are notorious over eaters!

Which dog stands at a maximum height of 8 inches?

As descendants of the Aztec civilization, Chihuahuas were once a little larger. Over the course of the years, breeding refinement made them the smaller apple-head version we know and love throughout the American continents. With their larger than life personas, they prove that dynamite comes in small packages. Even though Chihuahuas weigh in at an average of 6 pounds, they make great watchdogs. They are always alert and ready to protect their chosen person.

What dog breed has webbed feet for swimming?

With a waterproof coat and a nose that could smell otter on any waterway, the Otterhound lived up to its name! In early England, otters were a pervasive species that preyed upon the fish in England's waterways. To combat the problem, Otterhounds were used to patrol the rivers and to root out otters. Otterhounds were so prolific at their jobs that the entire English otter population was nearly wiped out, and the practice was banned.

Which statuesque breed is mostly black with rust markings?

As one of the first types of guide dogs for the blind, the Rottweiler is an obedient and gentle beast. Bred in the town of Rottweil, Germany, these giants can grow up to 135 pounds. Formerly used as cattle dogs, Rottweilers were found to be highly trainable. They are now frequently found working alongside police officers and search-and-rescue squads.

Which pooch has a hypoallergenic white coat?

With ancestral roots tracing back the island of Tenerife, the Bichon Frise breed has a long history. Despite being pampered aristocratic pets and entertaining circus performers, the American Kennel Club did not recognize the breed until 1971. Standing at only a foot tall, the breed's most noticeable trait is its thick, curly white hair. Unlike a Poodle, the Bichon Frise's hair naturally forms a circular bouffant around its head.

Which breed will indicate direction with its paw?

Pointers cannot help themselves. Dating back to their days as avid game hunters, Pointers were used to indicate the direction of prey so the hounds could be set loose. Although they are still used as hunting dogs today, many Pointers have found homes as great family dogs. Their adorable markings and their willing-to-please nature makes them ideal companions for a family of any size. The Pointer might not be interested in a game of catch, but it will tell you where to find the ball.

Which herding breed has an equally sized skull and muzzle?

While the Romans used stockier breeds like the Rottweiler to herd livestock, the Vikings used smaller, more nimble dogs like the Spitz. Cross breeding between the two eventually led to the Border Collie. Prized for their intelligence and their boundless bursts of energy, the Border Collie loves working hard. Full of loyalty and adorable expressions, the active breed makes a wonderful family pet as depicted in the movie "Babe."

Which breed was sometimes called Spotted Dick because of its unique markings?

With one of the most unique job descriptions in the canine world, the Dalmatian is known as a coach dog. Its distinctive black or liver colored spots make it recognizable in any crowd, but this dog is most famous for trotting alongside carriages and accompanying firefighters on the job. Directly traced back to a region formerly known as Damaltia, the Dalmatian has a highly debated history. These days, the Dalmatian continues its legend as firehouse dog and beloved family member.

Which miniature breed has pointy bat ears and a square head?

As the popularity of a tiny bulldog grew throughout the fabric makers of England during the Industrial Revolution, lace makers in France took notice and began crossing them with breeds like terriers. Not long after, Parisians took notice of the adorable dog and their recognition began. Although French Bulldogs rarely bark, they are always on alert and often express themselves when only necessary. They don't require a lot of exercise, and they are the perfect pet for city living.

Which breed's ears resemble two side ponytails, while the rest of the body has short hair?

Dating back all the way to 7000 BC, the Saluki is known as one of the worlds oldest dogs. Its tall and sleek appearance enable it to reach a great speed, but the thing that really sets it apart is its thin neck and fluffy ears. Salukis have been depicted in ancient cultures throughout Egypt and Asia, and they still remain a highly prized dog. Their warm oval-shaped eyes are very expressive, and they offer a lot of loyalty to their owners.

Which breed is taller than a lot of humans when it stands on its back legs?

One of the most easily recognized dogs, Great Danes can weigh up to 175 pounds and stand over 30 inches tall. Although the origins of the Great Dane are still a mystery, the breed is most associated with Germany. No one is actually quite sure how they became known as a Danish dog. In any event, these once fierce hunters are now gentle, family-oriented giants. They are more than happy to cuddle or to guard their homestead, and they never meet a stranger.

Which hunting breed is known for its rusty, golden coat?

Hailing from Hungary, the Vizsla is a robust and well-built breed of hunting dog. The first Vizsla to enter the United States was smuggled in by a U.S. State Department worker and went on to win five American Kennel Club awards. Originally bred to work in forest or watery terrain, the Vizsla stands around 24 inches tall. It is most well known for its speed, agility, and uniquely dark golden fur.

Which sleek breed resembles a Greyhound?

Often called the "Poor Man's Racehorse," the Whippet breed stands over 20 inches tall. Its thin, streamlined body and long, thin neck make it an ideal dog for running. Whippets love to chase, and they require a lot of exercise. Although they are often confused with the Greyhound, Whippets have a personality all their own. Transported from Lancaster by textile workers moving to the United States, the Whippet became an instantly adored dog breed throughout New England.

Which breed's long head sports a beard and a mustache?

Often called the "King of Terriers," Airedale Terriers tower over other terrier breeds. Known for their willingness to work and their patience with children, Airedale Terriers make great companions. With their long, square heads and signature facial hair, Airedales are easy to recognize. Originally bred in the Aire Valley of Yorkshire, the Airedale Terrier comes from a long line of other breeds, including the Irish Terrier and the Otterhound.

Which tiny terrier has floor-length locks?

Although the Yorkshire Terrier is best known for adorning the laps of Victorian women, this tenacious little terrier comes from humble, working class beginnings. Weighing in at less than 8 pounds, Yorkshire Terriers are quite fearless despite their size. Bred to be part of farm extermination teams in coal mines, the feisty breed doesn't believe in backing down. They can be quite bossy, and they are always on alert to let their families know when strangers are around.

Which Japanese breed has a broad face and a curled up tail?

Helen Keller is credited for bringing the Akita in to the United States after receiving one as a gift during a visit to Japan. With a life expectancy of up to 13 years, the loyal Akita works wonderfully for families with space for them to explore. The Akita's triangular face is highlighted by thick fur that works its way back to a curly tail. Akitas hold a special place in Japanese culture and often signify happiness and longevity.

Which little dog has a fluffy wide head and short legs?

This feisty little breed was once prized for its ability to root out otters and foxes along the Scottish countryside. With its short, broad head and its small legs, the Cairn Terrier's features are referred to as "Cairnishness." At an average height of 10 inches, the Cairn Terrier's wiry coat highlights its round eyes and short, stubby tail. Cairn Terriers are known to provide hours of comical entertainment for their owners.

Which breed's dark eyes and furrowed brow give it an extra-friendly appearance?

Growing to almost 180 pounds, the Saint Bernard is known as a rescue dog. Native to the French Alps, Saint Bernards were dispatched to save weary travelers for centuries. Although it is a myth that they carried barrels of liquor around their necks, any Saint Bernard would need a huge collar. They are quite stocky and their dense fur makes them among the most statuesque dogs in the canine kingdom.

Which breed naturally runs with its head in the air rather than pointing downward?

Although the Mountain Cur can be quite weary of strangers, is an extremely intelligent breed. Used until the 1940s by frontiersman for hunting and treeing, the Mountain Cur was also quite handy when it came to protecting livestock from predators. It has fearless instincts and the will do most anything to please or to protect its owner, including leaving unwanted prey alone. The Mountain Cur is one of the few breeds that runs with its head in the air.

Which lapdog has a long, flowing coat?

Nearly unknown outside of Chinese kingdom walls until the 1930s, the Shih Tzu is now one of the world's most loved toy breeds. Its long, double coat of fur sets off its adorable eyes and tiny body. Shih Tzus are known for their loyalty to their owners, but they absolutely adore children. For those with small yards or city apartments, the Shih Tzu is the perfect dog. It would rather watch Netflix in your lap than ever wander far from home.

Which dog's silvery coat sets it apart from other breeds?

One of Europe's oldest dog breeds, the Norwegian Elkhound is a direct descendant of the Viking breeds. Once used to track the scent of moose and elk, the Norwegian Elkhound was great at keeping prey in line until the hunters could reach it, using only their ferocious bark. With silvery, gray fur, the Norwegian Elkhound can weigh up to 55 pounds. It's a compact dog with a lot of intelligence that many farmers enjoy keeping to this day.

Which breed's long hair is parted in the middle?

These a adorable Himalayan dogs were given to the United States as a gift from the Dalai Lama in the late 1940s. With their long hair and their sweet personalities, Lhasa Apsos have long been considered an aristocratic pet. Their round eyes peek from behind hair that naturally parts in the center. Intelligent and alert Lhasa Apsos love their families, but can sometimes shy away from strangers. Their perfect appeal is topped off with a long feathery tail.

What breed also comes in a hairless variety?

Dating back over 3,000 years, the Xoloitzcuintli was a prized favorite of the Aztec civilization. Depicted in murals and the tombs of Aztec leaders, the Xoloitzcuintli has been a trusty companion for centuries. Through years of breeding refinement, this tall, thin breed now comes in three different sizes. From miniature to toy to standard, the Xoloitzcuintli's wrinkled forehead often makes it always look like it is deep in thought. You can even find a hairless one!

Which Welsh dog's stocky yet fluffy appearance is a favorite of Elizabeth II?

This breed's full name, Pembroke Welsh Corgi, represents the region in Wales where the dogs where first bred after being brought with emigrating weavers from Belgium. Despite their short legs, Corgis make excellent herders. However, their most endearing quality is their alert and attentive personality. Queen Elizabeth II first adopted a Corgi in 1933. Since then, she has been a loyal owner to many of the breed.

Which white dog stands at a maximum heigh of 9 inches?

Weighing in at less than 7 pounds and standing at only 9 inches tall, the Maltese has a lot of attitude in a tiny package. These beautiful, white dogs feature flowing, long hair and were called "Ye Ancient Dogge of Malta" during biblical times. Although they are small, they are not afraid to speak their minds. The Maltese is lively and sometimes a little stubborn. Its sheer athleticism is not only shocking, but also award-winning!

Which hunting breed has a mottled coat?

A male Bluetick Coonhound can weigh up to 80 pounds. With a sleek and muscular build, this breed can move with great agility through American hunting terrain. When they track their prey with their noses, they let out a huge, distinctive bark to notify their hunting owners. The Bluetick Coonhound is best know for its bluish-gray spots, or mottling, on its fur.

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