Quiz: How Well Do You Know European History?
How Well Do You Know European History?
By: John Miller
Image: youtube

About This Quiz

If Africa is the cradle of humanity, Europe is the place where humanity explored its limits. For thousands of years, the continent of Europe has witnessed some of humankind’s greatest moments and its darkest fears. Do you really think you know how many vital events have happened in Europe’s history?

Europe has been home to some of the mightiest kings and queens ever to walk the Earth. Can you name any of the people and governments who molded some of the important civilizations ever?

In the 20th century, Europe was home to the deadliest conflicts in the history of our species. Do you understand how those wars happened … and how the fallout continues to affect us today?

The continent isn’t all about dusty history. Very recent events continue to demonstrate that Europe is one of the hubs of power in the Western world. Do you understand any of the biggest political events posing challenges to Europe’s solidarity?

As Europe goes, so goes the rest of the world. Understanding this vibrant hub of humanity means better understanding our joined destinies. If we’re doomed to repeat history we don’t understand, it’s up to you to save us from ourselves. Take our European history quiz now!

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