Quiz: How Well Do You Know Facts and Myths About Bees?
How Well Do You Know Facts and Myths About Bees?
By: Maria Trimarchi
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Bees: a lot of people fear them, but it would be a grim world indeed if we had to live without them. The scarier but actually much more helpful and agreeable cousin of the wasp, the bee is a badass among creation. Bees create complex societies and build massive hives to live in. They sometimes grow and shed their wings. They sacrifice themselves for a queen. They make delicious honey that a lot of humans throughout history had to use as the ultimate sweetener (sugar cane not having reached their homelands yet).

Best of all, bees pollinate all sorts of plants. This is an essential component of the circle of life for a huge variety of crops, flowers, trees and bushes. With more and more of the calories humans consume coming from fewer main crops, the role of bees is becoming ever more important to us, and their protection and survival should be a very high priority indeed. Sadly, neonicotinoid pesticides used excessively throughout the world have seriously damaged bee populations, and better practices to protect bees are only just now becoming clear. What we can say for sure are two things: one, if the bees go, many of us will go with them; and two, the more we know about them, the better we can do by them. 

Let's make sure you've got your bee knowledge down, so we can help our black-and-yellow little friends thrive in this crazy modern world.

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What kind of bee dies after they sting you?
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Honeybees' lives are determined for them. Which is not a job that bees are hardwired to do for the hive?
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Out of 20,000 kinds of bees, how many make honey?
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During the winter months, worker bees can live for up to nine months. But how long do they live in the summertime?
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How many eggs does a honey bee queen lay in a single day?
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How many eyes do honeybees have?
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How many flowers would a honeybee need to visit to make one pound of honey?
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Honeybees have two stomachs. One is used in eating, but what's the other one used for?
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Which member of the honeybee population doesn't have a stinger?
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How many species of bees live in the United States, native or imported?
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What is fed to a newly hatched female that causes her to develop into a fertile queen?
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How many sides does one honeycomb cell have?
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How fast does a honeybee fly?
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Which is the way honeybees communicate with each other about how far away pollen and nectar sources are?
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What is honey made of?
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How many queens live in one hive?
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What color can't bees see?
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How warm is it in a honeybee hive?
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Which kind of bee isn't native to the United States?
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Which deity is associated with bees and their honey?
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Stingless bees, as their name suggests, don't sting. So how do they defend themselves and their nest?
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How much of all the fruits, vegetables, and seed crops in the U.S. are pollinated by honeybees?
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Traditionally, what do beekeepers use to calm bees while relocating a hive or collecting honey?
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What's the risk of feeding honey to babies younger than age 1?
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