Quiz: How Well Do You Know Famous German Terms from World War II?
How Well Do You Know Famous German Terms from World War II?
By: John Miller
Image: Wiki commons

About This Quiz

OK, so “gesundheit” isn’t one of them. But when it comes to a Nazi-inspired lexicon, there are a whole lot of World War II-era terms that are exceedingly common in our everyday language. That’s the kind of power that the Third Reich and its reign of terror have on our culture, more than 70 years after the end of the worst conflict in modern history. You already know the name of the man who made big history by seizing power in Germany. Do you know the name of the book he used to inspire his followers? As you take our quiz, can you recall the various technological advances he leveraged to smash entire civilizations? The Nazis weren’t content to merely do battle – they wanted to crush other nations as quickly as possible. Do you know the words that they used for their tactics and weapons? From their anti-tank explosives to their machine guns, the Nazis were inventive in amazing and horrifying ways. And the Nazis kept busy far beyond the front lines. Do you remember the name that’s used to describe the systematic homicide of millions of Europeans? And can you recall the name of the all-powerful police force that rounded up the doomed? It’s a new century, but the Nazis and the words of their mad war live on. Take our quiz and see if you know your Volkssturm from your SS.

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