Quiz: How Well Do You Know Famous Seinfeld Episodes?
How Well Do You Know Famous Seinfeld Episodes?
By: Isadora Teich
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"Seinfeld" is a groundbreaking '90s sitcom that changed television forever. Test how much you know about the show about nothing with this HowStuffWorks quiz!

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In "The Opposite," how does George become successful?
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Which of the gang purposefully antagonizes "The Soup Nazi" in this famous episode?
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In "The Yada Yada," who does Jerry become convinced converted to Judaism just for the jokes?
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Why does Elaine test positive for opium in "The Showerhead"?
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Which character adopts a stretch of highway in "The Pothole"?
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Kramer accidentally __________ himself in "The Butter Shave."
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Why do George, Jerry, Elaine and Kramer go to The Hamptons in the episode "The Hamptons"?
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In "The Alternate Side" Kramer gets a job as an extra in which famous director's film?
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What does Jerry do to try and please his girlfriend in "The Muffin Tops"?
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In the famous episode "The Bubble Boy," it turns out that the Bubble Boy is actually:
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George begins a fake __________ in "The Strike."
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Kramer and Newman want to bring this to Michigan for money in "The Bottle Deposit."
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In "The Chinese Restaurant," do the friends ever get seated at a table?
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In "The Comeback," George becomes obsessed with delivering which insult to an ex-coworker?
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Kramer pitches a _________-scented cologne to Calvin Klein in "The Pez Dispenser."
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What did Jerry and his girlfriend in "The Hamptons" get caught doing during "Schindler's List" in a theater?
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In "The Comeback," Elaine discovers that her mysterious video rental store crush is actually a:
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What country to Jerry, George and Elaine travel to for a wedding in "The Betrayal"?
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Elaine makes a new group of friends in which episode?
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What holiday does George's father celebrate in "The Strike"?
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What is Kramer's coffee table book about in "The Opposite?"
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Where does Jerry end up wearing the famous puffy shirt on the episode "The Puffy Shirt"?
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In which of these episodes does Kramer not appear?
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What problem plagues Elaine in her and Mr. Lippman's muffin top business?
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In the famous episode, "The Opera" Crazy Joe Davola is out to _________ Jerry.
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In "The Butter Shave," what does George pretend to be at work?
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Elaine gets stuck on the subway on the way to what kind of wedding in "The Subway"?
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In "The Chicken Roaster," Jerry moves into _______'s apartment.
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George works as what kind of model in "The Puffy Shirt?"
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What doesn't Jerry like about his date in the "Bizarro Jerry"?
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What show does Kramer turn his apartment into the set of in one season 9 episode?
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George spends an entire season 5 episode pretending to be a member of which profession to impress a date?
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Which of the gang is friends with The Soup Nazi?
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In "The Yada Yada," whose girlfriend turns out to be a criminal?
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In "The Bizarro Jerry," what does Jerry's polar opposite like to do in his spare time?
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