Quiz: How Well Do You Know Ferrari?
How Well Do You Know Ferrari?
By: Zoe Samuel
Image: pixabay

About This Quiz

Enzo Ferrari was a rich man with a racing habit embodied by Scuderia Ferrari, his racing team. Formula One was in its earliest days and he had to find a way to finance his expensive vice of auto racing. To do this, he created an immortal brand, building sports cars for ordinary men and women he detested as poseurs. He had no interest in sports cars, but he knew he needed to build them to afford to race in Formula One. Thanks to the success of the Ferrari car brand, Scuderia Ferrari could afford to race in Formula One since 1950, and for a long time, Ferrari was the team to beat.

Ferrari has become more than that history. Ferrari is a brand, to the extent that it is used as a byword for power, beauty and expense. To be "the Ferrari of" a thing is a potent appellation. But the pitfall of brand recognition is that the brand can become bigger than the product. Who can say they know very much about Xerox, or Rolex, or Boeing? Only the few, obsessed connoisseurs can really speak intelligently on the specifics of these rarefied brands.

Now is the time to uncork that trivia about Ferrari that your friends can't get you to stop talking about. How much do you know about Ferrari? Take the quiz and find out!

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