Quiz: How Well Do You Know Football Slang?
How Well Do You Know Football Slang?
By: John Miller
Image: shutterstock

About This Quiz

From “audibles" to “zebras,” American football is filled with lingo and slang used as creative shorthand for every aspect of the game. Some of these terms are pretty easy to figure out — others, like “onside” kick or “PAT” are totally incomprehensible to anyone who doesn’t follow the sport. Do you know your football slang?

Slang isn’t mean to purposely confuse bystanders. Football is a fast-paced game that needs quick explanations, so fans, announcers and players alike all rely on the same lingo to convey the on-field action. So “false starts,” “hot routes,” and “muffed” punts are a part of the game. Do you think you can identify these sometimes weird and wacky terms, like “long snapper” and “pump fake”?

Head coaches and players use their special lingo to plan and execute plays with precision. Sports newbies who listen to a huddle would be completely baffled by the terminology — “snap count” and “weak side” mean nothing to the uninitiated. 

Are you a green rookie with no real concept of the “tuck rule,” or are you a football savant who knows every important term the game has to offer? Take our football slang quiz now and find out if you’re worthy of a head coach position or if you should just stick with cleaning the showers after a big game.

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