Quiz: How Well Do You Know French Cars?
How Well Do You Know French Cars?
By: Becky
Image: Jean-Pol GRANDMONT

About This Quiz

Do you fancy yourself knowledgeable about cars from all over the world? Sure, we all love a great American car, but cars are manufactured all over the world, you know. If you think you know a thing or two about foreign cars, you'll have to ace this quiz on French cars to prove it. Are you ready?

When most of us think about car manufacturers, we think about US automakers, German engineering, Asian dependability and Italian performance. Most people who have a basic understanding of car makers just do not think of French car manufacturers. But, there have not only been many notable French car makers, they have made some of the most iconic vehicles ever produced. The thing is that you'll definitely need to know more than just the basics of car manufacturers to ace this quiz. From Renault to Peugeot, this quiz includes some of the more famous and some of the lesser-known French automakers. If you answer each of the following 35 questions correctly, you will not receive any actual prizes, but you will get bragging rights among your friends at the next trivia night when you are the only one who can answer a French car-related question. That's worth something, right?

So, if you're ready to prove that you know enough about French cars to ace this quiz, let's get started!

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