How Well Do You Know Generation X Slang?


Old school

Gen-X was famous for going old school. It was the generation of hip new ‘tudes.

How’s it hangin' ?

How’s it hangin’? This was the Gen-X way of saying hello, or how are you.

Going postal

Going postal was a Gen-X thing. It was a bad time for the postal workers of the US.

Let's dip

When leaving someplace, a Gen-Xer could say, “Let’s dip.” “See you guys later, we have to dip.”

S’up, b?

“S’up, b?” Translates into “What’s up, b*tch?” Clearly, Gen-Xers knew how to speak kindly to one another.


“A'ight” became the way of saying “alright.” Who needs that L and R anyhow?


Bangin’ and slammin’ were much the same to Gen-Xers. They both meant that someone had it going on.


Beans meant dollars to Gen-Xers. Sometimes you would ask someone if you could borrow a few beans for a piece of pizza.


“Beeotch” was another word for b*tch. It was a phonetic variant of the word.


When you were blazed, you were seriously high. You might ask your best friend, “Do you want to go get blazed?”


Another word for jewelry was “bling-bling.” When you were wearing the bling-bling, then you were ready for a night on the town.


Blood means friend, or homeboy. “Yo, what’s up blood?”

The Bomb

The Bomb was basically the only way of saying that something was absolutely excellent or out of this world.


Bones was yet another way of saying “money.” You might hit your mom up for 7 bones to go to the movies.

Boo Ya!

Boo Ya! was a way of saying “in your face.” This would work well after a “yo mama” joke.

Let’s bounce.

When you said, "Let’s bounce,” you were saying, “Let’s leave.” When the party wore down, it was time to bounce.


Anything that was brutal was bad. “Yo, dog. That movie was seriously brutal.”


“Yo, man. You were bugg'n the other night.” That basically means that you were freaking out.


Anything that was a buzzkill was boring or lame. Going to your economics class in high school might be a buzzkill.


“Cha-ching” was basically the sound of a cash register. You made this sound when something was expensive or costly.


Cheddar was yet another name for money. Why did the Gen-Xers have so many words for cash?


Chica was another word for chick, or girl. “Hey, what’s up, chica?”


Your crib was any house, apartment or dwelling. This term is still frequently used today.

The most popular exclamation for Gen-X was _____ .

The most popular exclamation for Gen-X was “like.” You could use it whether or not you were a valley girl in southern California.


Dank was used to describe things that were awesome. “Yo, those are some dank Doc Martins, chica.”

“How are you?” “I’m ______ .”

When someone asked “how are you?” You would answer, “I’m good.” When you were having a really good day, you’d say, “I rock.”

Where was “Eat my shorts!” from?

“Eat my shorts!” came to us thanks to the Simpsons. This was a famous quote of Bart Simpson.


The F-bomb was a word for the F-word! It was a euphemism for the famous curse word.


Fart-knocker was another word for idiot. This was a phrase coined from “Beavis & Butt-Head.”


“That guy is so totally fine.” “Fine” was a way of saying that someone was hot, or looks good.


“Freakin’” was a cleaner way of saying “f*cking.” For instance, “That concert was so freakin’ rad.”


When something was “fresh,” it was very nice indeed. You might also say that it was “the sh*t.”

Gettin’ Jiggy

Gettin’ jiggy meant dancing or putting the move on a member of the opposite sex. This was made popular by Will Smith in “Getting Jiggy With It.”


“Hella” was a way of saying “really.” In fact, this word is still quite popular in Northern California.


For Gen-X, hooch doesn’t mean booze. In fact, it refers to a loose woman. You might also call her a hoochie.

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