Quiz: How Well Do You Know Hippie Phrases?
How Well Do You Know Hippie Phrases?
By: Annette
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About This Quiz

Do you like some Wavy Gravy on your mashed potatoes? Is your favorite incense "all of them?" Are you on a first name basis with at least one of the members of The Grateful Dead? If any of these apply to you, then this quiz is right up your alley!

Hippies were a life form that existed mostly in the mid to late '60s and early '70s. They weren't hung up on bathing too frequently, were known to indulge in recreational pharmaceuticals and had some interestingly unconventional attitudes about romantic relationships. 

Like many subcultures and groups of like-minded individuals, they had their own lingo and terminology, words they used to describe the world around them that were filtered through their own lens (which was clouded by pot smoke frequently).

Yesterday's hippies are now today's accountants, chairpersons of the board, public officials, and titans of commerce. This should give hope to all of you who despair over the state of today's youth. The hippies also introduced themes of ecological consciousness and tolerance for all that are still powerful parts of the best of our society.

Are you a groovy dude? Are you hip to the scene? Do you think online quizzes are a far out way to spend your day? Put all your flower power to work and ace this quiz!

2.0 of 35
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All show and no go
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6.0 of 35
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Knocked up
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Slug bug
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Chinese fire drill
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