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Do you like some Wavy Gravy on your mashed potatoes? Is your favorite incense "all of them?" Are you on a first name basis with at least one of the members of The Grateful Dead? If any of these apply to you, then this quiz is right up your alley!

Hippies were a life form that existed mostly in the mid to late '60s and early '70s. They weren't hung up on bathing too frequently, were known to indulge in recreational pharmaceuticals and had some interestingly unconventional attitudes about romantic relationships. 

Like many subcultures and groups of like-minded individuals, they had their own lingo and terminology, words they used to describe the world around them that were filtered through their own lens (which was clouded by pot smoke frequently).

Yesterday's hippies are now today's accountants, chairpersons of the board, public officials, and titans of commerce. This should give hope to all of you who despair over the state of today's youth. The hippies also introduced themes of ecological consciousness and tolerance for all that are still powerful parts of the best of our society.

Are you a groovy dude? Are you hip to the scene? Do you think online quizzes are a far out way to spend your day? Put all your flower power to work and ace this quiz!

A gas

When you’re having a gas, you’re having a great time. Going to Woodstock was a gas.



When something is bad, it’s seriously awesome. Seems counterintuitive, doesn’t it?


All show and no go

"All show and no go" means that something looks good but has nothing to back it up. It’s merely superficial.


Boogie board

Boogie boards are short surfboards. Did you realize that the term started in the ‘60s?



That’s one cool cat. The ‘60s were the time when "cat" was in reference to a guy.



Do you dig? For hippies, "dig" was a term for understanding.


Far out

Dude, that was seriously far out. That basically means it was awesome.


Free love

"Free love" was a term for casual sex. There was a lot of free love going on in the ‘60s.



When something is "groovy," it’s super outstanding. This is one of the most quintessential words of the ‘60s.


Hang loose

When you are instructed to hang loose, you’re being told to chill out. Surfers need to hang loose when the surf is too rough.



A hawk was a supporter of the war. There were a lot of hawks around the time of Vietnam.



"Heat" is a great hippie word for the police. Ain’t nobody want to get into trouble with the heat.



Get your kicks on Route 66. Kicks are things that are done for pleasure.


Knocked up

We all know these days that getting knocked up is getting pregnant. This term was brought to the rest of the generations thanks to Judd Apatow.



Remember the "Mod Squad." Anything that is mod is modern and in fashion. Twiggy was so mod in the ‘60s.



Anyone with a mop-top had a Beatles-style haircut. The hairstyle was quite controversial at the time.


Slug bug

"Slug Bug" was a great way to refer to your Volkswagen Beetle. That was one of the most popular cars of the ‘60s.


It's snowing down south

This was a way of saying that a woman’s slip was showing at the bottom of her skirt. Hippies didn’t have to worry about this.


Sock it to me

When you tell someone to "sock it to me," you’re saying, “let me have it.” If someone has something to say, then sock it to me.


Sweat parties

Sweat parties were basically sex parties. These were definitely popular among some hippies.


The Man

"The Man" was how you referred to anyone who was an authority figure, who maintained the corporate, legal and political status quo. Nobody wanted to work for the Man.



Hippies had some pretty far out threads. That was a way of referring to clothes.



When you were truckin’, you were going at a pretty solid pace. Truckin’ was a way to say that you were moving fast.



Only hippies in California would really know what a Woodie was. It was a wood-sided vehicle that was popular among surfers in the ‘60s.



If you were a bad*ss, then you were a serious troublemaker. This word is still used a lot today, but with a different connotation.


Boob tube

In the ‘60s, that’s when the TV was first called the boob tube. Hippies probably didn’t watch a lot of boob tube, though.



When something was boss, it was seriously fantastic. Man, your beaded necklace is seriously boss.


Bug out

To bug out is to leave. Nobody wanted to bug out when they were at Woodstock.


To play chicken

You’re playing chicken when two cars are driving towards one another. The first one to jump out or swerve is the chicken.


Chinese fire drill

The Chinese fire drill was when four people would get out of the car at a red light and trade places. This was a popular maneuver during the ‘60s.


Chrome dome

A chrome dome was a bald head. Just because you had a chrome dome, didn’t mean you couldn’t be a hippie. All were welcome.



The deuce was putting up two fingers to create a peace sign. The deuce was the favorite gesture of the hippies.



A dove was a peace-lover. All hippies were doves, for sure.



Anything that was an unpleasant experience was a downer. There were some serious historical events in the ‘60s that were downers.



A dropout was anyone that didn’t want to confirm to society. Hippies were seriously dropouts, in that respect.


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