Quiz: How Well Do You Know History's Conquerors?
How Well Do You Know History's Conquerors?
By: Isadora Teich
Image: YouTube

About This Quiz

From Alexander the Great to Napolean and even the Nazi leader Adolf Hitler, man has sought to dominate the world as conquerors. Some to unify, others for personal interest, and of course others to control. How well do you think you know the great conquerors of history? From ancient times to the modern world, this quiz isn't for the faint of heart. 

Alexander the Great is arguably considered the greatest conqueror the world has ever known, yet by the age of 30 and with a massive empire he suddenly stopped and went home upon his men's request. Do you know why? Despite Alexander's massive land grab, do you know who actually had the largest contiguous land empire in the history of the world? Hint: he and his men were the most dominant horsemen in the world - and still may be. 

Do you know who one of Ancient Rome's greatest adversaries was? Oh, you need a clue? Well, he loved elephants. Or, do you remember the conqueror who, by the time of his death had an empire that transcended three different continents? Do you know which country or countries Hitler's army occupied before World War II? The answer may give you more perspective on the devastation of the war. 

These are the greatest conquerors the world has ever seen, but do you have the strength to conquer this quiz? 

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