Quiz: How Well Do You Know Ireland?
How Well Do You Know Ireland?
By: Torrance Grey
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Ireland, the Emerald Isle ... A large number of Americans, Canadians, and Australians claim at least partial ancestry from this storied country (maybe more than actually have any Irish blood, frankly!) More than that, Ireland is a perpetually popular vacation destination, with visitors eager to see its medieval castles, green countryside, and homey pubs. 

Ireland has given the world some of its most extraordinarily talented artists, painters, actors, and musicians. It's also given us Bushmills whiskey and Guinness beer, clog dancing, and more specifically, "Riverdance." (Not all of us were grateful for that last one, tbh). But there are also misconceptions about Ireland. Is corned beef and cabbage really an Irish dish? What about shepherd's pie? Is your favorite "Irish" actor really Irish, or secretly British or Welsh?  Are there really no snakes on the Emerald Isle? Was Finn MacCool a real person? 

To help you get to the bottom of these misconceptions, or to prove your Irish savvy, we've created a quiz on the geography of Ireland, its history, its culture, and its famous people. So pour yourself a pint of Guinness, and settle in! (Note: this quiz is about the island overall. So in a question involving Irish cities, for example, an answer choice should not be rejected because it lies in Northern Ireland, not the Republic of Ireland).

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