Quiz: How Well Do You Know London Slang?
How Well Do You Know London Slang?
By: Zoe Samuel
Image: pixabay

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London is the oldest city in the United Kingdom, though it is not the oldest settlement - that is at Stonehenge, where people have clearly been living for some five thousand years. Some 1600 years ago, London used be the Roman settlement of Londinium, itself a conglomeration of villages on seven hills that grew together. These days, it's the fourth largest city in the world, by far the largest in the UK, and a major cultural and financial hub. It's also incredibly diverse, with more than a quarter of residents not being born in Britain.

Given this, it's not surprising that London has a very distinct set of subcultures and personalities within its many dozens of neighborhoods. It is home to Cockneys, probably the most familiar globally and also the most stereotypical of London sources of slang, but it's also the residence of some of the poshest people in the UK, as well as plenty of folks who have familial roots in far-flung places such as Nigeria, India, Pakistan, and Australia. That means there's an awful lot of London slang to choose from. The biggest unifying group centers on the skyline, as everyone calls them by the same nicknames - so if you know your skyscrapers, that's an advantage today. How well do you know London slang, from buildings to money to people and more? Time to take this quiz to find out!

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