Quiz: How Well Do You Know "My Fair Lady?"
How Well Do You Know "My Fair Lady?"
By: R. White
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A Cockney woman, Eliza Doolittle (Audrey Hepburn), finds her way up the Victorian social ladder when Professor Higgins (Rex Harrison) teaches her to speak proper English on a bet.

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"My Fair Lady" is based on a play by George Bernard Shaw. What is the title?
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Eliza Doolittle (played by Audrey Hepburn) is just ______________________.
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Higgins sings a song in the early part of the movie with the lyrics,"Why can't the English teach their children ______________________?"
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Henry's address is mentioned numerous times. Where does he live?
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Eliza's father, Alfie, often seeks something from others. What is it?
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Who does Henry Higgins run into who helps him with an experiment?
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Colonel Pickering knows 147 distinct dialects from which country?
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What does Eliza go back home to retrieve before she settles in at Wimpole Street?
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How long does Higgins wager it will take to turn Eliza into "a lady?"
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It takes several maids and Mrs. Pierce, the housekeeper, to get Eliza to do this. What is it?
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A wireless microphone was used for the first time in film with "My Fair Lady." Which actor used this to record singing live?
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After much negotiating, how does Higgins finally persuade Eliza to participate in the experiment?
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Which does Higgins NOT use to describe Eliza?
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Where is Eliza taken for her first social outing?
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As part of her training, what does Eliza have to put in her mouth when she speaks?
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Who becomes infatuated with Eliza after meeting her at The Ascot?
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Alfie Doolittle (Eliza's father) makes a deal with Higgins. What does he receive from the Professor?
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What two topics is Eliza instructed to stick to on her first social outing?
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What comment does Eliza make at the races that is socially inappropriate?
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Alfie Doolittle sings the lyrics, "With a little bit of ______________________"?
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Higgins sings "I've Grown Accustomed to Her__________________________"
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Where must Higgins take Eliza as a final test that she is transformed?
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Who at the Embassy Ball seems suspicious of Eliza's identity?
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What question does Eliza ask repeatedly after the ball?
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What two things does Alfie want before they "get him to the church on time"?
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