Quiz: How well do you know 'New Kids on the Block'?
How well do you know 'New Kids on the Block'?
By: Olivia Cantor
Image: Wiki Commons

About This Quiz

"Listen up everybody if you wanna take a chance. Just get on the floor and do the new kids' dance!" Are you ready to break out into a bit of harmony and maybe bust a few moves? If you are, let's take this quiz Step by Step! 

The '80s was a time filled with Rock & Roll. Michael Jackson was singing about "Billie Jean" while Bon Jovi was "Livin' on a Prayer." Def Leppard was begging you to "Pour Some Sugar On Me" and Prince was focused on "When Doves Cry." It was during this time and decade that the coined term "boy band" came to life with the immersion of New Kids on the Block onto the music scene. 

Formed in Boston, Massachusetts, in 1984, this new boy band was ready to take the world by storm. With five members, they were ready to introduce the world to their harmonies. Releasing their debut self-titled album in 1986, it wasn't until their 1989 album Hangin' Tough that they shot to stardom. Before their disbandment in 1994, the group would release three more albums. 

Since then, the members of New Kids would reunite and even tour the world with fellow boy band, Backstreet Boys. With a career that spans 20 years and multiple singles, how big a fan were you of New Kids on the Block? Do you remember their smallest singles like "Stop It Girl" to their biggest hits like "Step by Step?"

Can you bust a few moves and prove you're an ultimate fan? The kids are watching!

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