How Well Do You Know "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest"?

R. White

Who is the first patient McMurphy talks to upon his arrival to the mental hospital?

McMurphy holds his hand up and says, "How" to Chief. Billy informs him that Chief is deaf and dumb.

Why is McMurphy brought to the mental institute?

He was sent from a work farm to be evaluated. They feel he is faking insanity to get out of doing work.

What is the signal that it's time for patients to take their medicine?

A relaxing melody is played. Kind of like Pavlov's dogs; it's part of their routine.

When McMurphy first sees Chief he says, "'re as big as _______________________."

Chief has a very imposing physique. It comes in handy for the basketball games.

What characterizes the patient, Billy?

Billy stutters when he is under duress. Nurse Ratched makes him very nervous, but McMurphy seems to calm him.

When Randle Patrick McMurphy shows up at the mental institute, what does he bring with him that engages the patients?

The men like to play cards. McMurphy teaches them how to gamble.

McMurphy challenges with, "Give me one week and I can_______________________________."

There is an ongoing power struggle between McMurphy and Ratched. McMurphy does all he can to turn the patients against her.

McMurphy requests a show of hands to vote. For what reason?

He says watching the ball game might be good therapy for everyone. They need 10 votes.

Whose vote gives McMurphy the majority vote to watch the ball game?

Chief is non-responsive, but raises his hand well after the initial vote. Nurse Ratched says it is too late to count, which infuriates McMurphy.

After four weeks, what are the results of McMurphy's mental evaluation?

The doctors decide to keep him for further observation. McMurphy believes he can outwit the doctors and the nurses.

What does McMurphy tell the doctors about Nurse Ratched?

McMurphy knows Ratched is on a power trip and has little compassion for the patients.

What is Nurse Ratched's first name?

Actress Louise Fletcher, who played Ratched, came up with the name "Mildred." According to Fletcher, it took four or five meetings to get the part.

What makes Chief smile for the first time?

McMurphy climbs on Chief's shoulders to reach the top of the fence.

What is the name of the woman McMurphy picks up when he hijacks a school bus with the patients?

Candy seems cozy with McMurphy but is compassionate toward the patients. Billy is infatuated with her.

McMurphy hijacks a charter boat to take the guys fishing. Who does he put in charge of steering?

Cheswick abandons his post when he sees everyone is gone. They are all trying to watch McMurphy down below with Candy.

Another mental evaluation of McMurphy finds mixed conclusions. What does Nurse Ratched say?

Ratched wants to get the better of him by imposing her control over him. She can only put him in his place if he remains there.

In a group therapy session, it is discovered some patients are there voluntarily. Who can leave at any time?

Billy, Cheswick, and Scanlon are also there voluntarily. This news surprises McMurphy.

Cheswick has a meltdown in a therapy session over what?

Cheswick demands his cigarettes. Ratched took them to deter the gambling when playing cards.

What does McMurphy act out to bother Nurse Ratched?

When Nurse Ratched puts the breaks on watching the game, McMurphy does a play-by-play, complete with the patients cheering and jumping up and down in excitement.

Where are McMurphy, Chief, and Cheswick taken to together?

Cheswick's outburst over cigarettes prompted McMurphy to bust the glass of the nurse's station to get the cigarettes. When McMurphy is restrained, Chief jumps in to help.

What are the first words Chief utters?

McMurphy offers him a stick of gum while awaiting shock therapy. Chief follows up with, "Ahh, Juicy Fruit."

Where does McMurphy suggest he and Chief go?

McMurphy asks Chief, "What are we doin' in here?" He tells him, "Let's get out of here."

Before he gets his first dose of shock therapy, what does McMurphy say to the doctors?

The nurse prepares his head for the device to conduct the electricity. McMurphy seems unclear on what is about to happen to him.

"Who said, "They worked on him...the way they're working on you"?

Chief tells McMurphy about his drunk father. He observes the institute taming McMurphy.

What holiday is the backdrop for McMurphy's party with booze and women?

Most of the staff is off for Christmas. Only a guard, Turkle, is left on duty.

Why does Turkle say, "My prayers have been answered"?

Turkle is willing to let McMurphy do a little bit of partying if he's let in on it too. A woman named Rose is of interest to him.

What song is sung over the loud speaker during the patients' party?

McMurphy mimics the nurses and calls out, "Wake up, boys. It's medication time!"

Who slow dances with Candy?

Billy has a crush on Candy. She seems to have some sympathy for him.

When McMurphy invites Billy to leave the institute with him, what does Billy say?

Billy says he will miss McMurphy very much. He wants a date with Candy, which McMurphy sets up before they leave.

Why does McMurphy remain at the institute?

The patients fall asleep, and the next morning are found passed out everywhere. Billy is still in a room with Candy when Nurse Ratched arrives.

What causes McMurphy to attack and choke Ratched?

She makes him feel guilty about Candy and threatens to tell his mother. He fatally cuts himself.

There are rumors about McMurphy. Which is NOT said of him?

No one has seen McMurphy for a period of time after the choking incident.

What state was the setting for the story?

The story was filmed at the Oregon State Mental Hospital. Staff from the hospital were actually used in the film.

When McMurphy is brought to bed at night, what does Chief say to him?

Chief finds a despondent McMurphy and realizes the system beat him. He restores McMurphy's dignity by suffocating him with a pillow.

How does Chief finally bust out of the institute?

This was a plan McMurphy first had but was not strong enough to pull it off. The final scene is Chief running away.

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