Quiz: How Well Do You Know Photography Lingo?
How Well Do You Know Photography Lingo?
By: Isadora Teich
Image: shutterstock

About This Quiz

Look at this photograph! The selfie may be a modern invention, but people have actually been trying to capture the look of themselves and others for centuries. Many of the most famous artists in the world have self-portraits, from Van Gogh to Francis Bacon, and royalty had their portraits painted for centuries. After the first picture from a camera was taken in the early 19th century, the world quickly became obsessed with photography.

While today you can just point at anything you want and click, your phone can correct the image, and Instagram filters can make its colors really pop, classic photography is a delicate art where all those settings are handled by hand, and even how a photo is developed can affect its overall look. In the days before Photoshop and Instagram, it could take hours to get the perfect image.

The days of taking a massive roll of film from your disposable camera to the drug store to be developed may be over, but some artists are keeping the darkroom alive!  If you are a classic photography buff with an eye for composition, step into the darkroom and see what kind of results you can develop with this quiz!

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Light passes through this part of the camera to the digital sensor or film.
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Which of these is the "B" setting on a camera?
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You can capture ____________ with a wide angle lens.
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If part of a photo is blown out, it has:
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What is the main source of light in a photo called?
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Which type of lens is circular?
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What controls the exposure in a camera?
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A macro lens allows you to photograph a picture from:
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Which refers to the area where light turns to shadow in a picture?
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A camera with a higher megapixel resolution allows you to make ___________ prints.
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The light naturally occurring in a scene with no interference from the photographer is called ____________.
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What is used to reflect light back toward a subject?
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Which light is used in more dramatic portraits?
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Which kind of light is generally more flattering for people?
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The ________ light is secondary to the key light.
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The distance between the closest and farthest object in a photograph is:
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Do all cameras have delay from the time you press the shutter button to the time it opens and takes a picture?
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What happens when a light source hits the lens directly?
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What does the "K" setting under white balance represent?
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What does an ND filter block some of?
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When is the golden hour?
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An SOOC photo has not been:
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Taking away lighting strategically for artistic affect is called:
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What refers to the length of time the shutter is open during an exposure?
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A light meter measures ___________.
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Which of these things can be the subject of a photograph?
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A fixed lens does not:
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What kind of lens has variable focal lengths?
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Telephoto lenses are ______ than normal lenses.
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With a fully manual camera, the user sets the:
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Making the aperture smaller is called:
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