How Well Do You Know Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis?

By: J.P. Naomi

Princess Charlotte falls in line to the throne after her grandfather Prince Charles, her father the Duke of Cambridge, and her older brother Prince George. While the possibility is many years away, it is more likely that she would reign than Prince Louis, whose chance is quite slim.

Prince Harry was always third in line to the throne. Until the birth of Prince George, that is! Now William's three children have pushed their Uncle Harry to the sixth position. While sixth is still prominent, it is more likely that George, third in line, will see the throne.

In their time together, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have lived in Nottingham Cottage, Bucklebury Manor and Sandringham House. Today their official residence is at Apartment 1A Kensington Palace where they live with George, Charlotte and Louis.

Diana, Princess of Wales, was the mother of Prince William, now Duke of Cambridge, and Prince Harry, now Duke of Sussex. She died at the young age of 36 in a tragic car accident, leaving behind her two sons, who were just 15 and 12 years old.

Just like older brother George, Prince Louis gets one of his middle names, Arthur, from his Dad. Charles, of course, pays tribute to his grandfather Prince Charles. Did you know that the name Louis is rich in royal tradition including Lord Louis Mountbatten and Prince Louis Alexander of Battenberg?

The Lindo Wing is a private maternity ward at St. Mary's Hospital, where many royal babies have been born. Not only is it a royal-approved facility, but other celebrities have given birth there too. Amal Clooney and George Clooney opted for the Lindo Wing in 2017 for the delivery of their twins.

When the royal family has big news, they sure know how to deliver. A golden easel is placed at the gate of Buckingham Palace with a framed announcement. The easel, which remains outside for about 24 hours, was used for all three of William and Kate's children.

As Prince George is expected to become King one day, he received the title of His Royal Highness at birth. As siblings, this meant that both Charlotte and Louis would receive the same titles as well. Their new cousin Archie, son of Harry and Meghan, does not receive this same title automatically.

Prince Harry is the younger brother of George, Charlotte and Louis' father, William. Uncle Harry absolutely loves his niece and nephews and has prided himself on being a fun uncle to them. It was his interactions with these three that the world could see what a fantastic father he'd be one day.

At just nine months, Prince George went on his first royal tour in April 2014. He spent three weeks in New Zealand and Australia with his parents visiting with dignitaries including Prime Minister Tony Abbott who fondly noted Prince George would one day be King of Australia.

When Kate was plagued with severe nausea and vomiting during her pregnancy with George, she sought treatment at the hospital. Unfortunately the same was true, and at times reported worse, with Charlotte and Louis. Will this inevitable condition discourage the Duke and Duchess from a fourth?

Prince Louis is the third child of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and the fifth in line to the British throne. Born on April 23, 2018, Prince Louis' arrival was met with cheers from across the globe. Closer to home, crowds of supporters awaited the announcement outside Buckingham Palace.

Princess Charlotte of Cambridge was born on May 2, 2015, at St. Mary's Hospital in London. She was given the middle names of Elizabeth and Diana, in honor of her great grandmother Queen Elizabeth II and her late paternal grandmother Diana, Princess of Wales.

Since he was born into the line of succession to the British throne, George was immediately given the title of Prince. Formally, he is addressed His Royal Highness, and Cambridge signifies the extension of his parents' titles, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

Born Charlotte Elizabeth Diana, her official name is Her Royal Highness Princess Charlotte of Cambridge. Princess Charlotte, for short, will begin school with her brother George in September 2019. There she will enroll as Charlotte Cambridge.

Located in Dean's Yard, London, Westminster Abbey has been a notable landmark for the Royal Family for centuries. It was originally built in 960, but its towers were added in the 18th century. Did you know that the Queen was crowned here? Many royals are also buried on the grounds.

The reigning royal house of the United Kingdom is the House of Windsor. Coming from German roots, it was previously known as the House of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha. The name, however, was changed to Windsor due to anti-German sentiments in Britain during World War I.

Justin Welby is the 105th Archbishop of Canterbury. He is the senior-most bishop in the Church of England. He was elected to this position on February 4, 2013, and has since baptized each of William and Kate's children. Archbishop Welby also holds a seat in the House of Lords.

Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, is second in line to the British throne after his father, Prince Charles. Prince George wouldn't likely see the throne until much later in his life. If the Queen's age of 93 is anything of a sign, we'd say longevity runs in the family. Her mother died at 101!

Prince George was baptized on July 9, 2018, at the Chapel Royal at St. James Palace. Built in 1540, this chapel is where each of the three royal children was baptized. Did you know that they were each baptized with water from the River Jordan?

Ever wonder what it's like to have three grandchildren who are third, fourth and fifth in line to the British throne? Just ask Carole Middleton. It turns out Catherine's mother has an ounce of royalty in her bloodline too. She and the Queen share a direct ancestor dating back to the 17th century.

Horse racing is considered by many to be the Sport of Kings or in the case of Queen Elizabeth, the Sport of Kings. Stemming from Elizabeth, the love for horse riding and racing runs throughout the family. Today George and Charlotte train and there's no doubt that Louis will soon follow.

Prince George, the first child of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, was born on July 22, 2013. The birth came approximately two years and two months after the wedding of William and Catherine on April 29, 2011.

Did you know that one of George's middle names is Louis? But the connections don't end there. Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, also shares the name Louis as his full name is William Arthur Philip Louis.

The Succession of the Crown Act of 2015 is an Act of the Parliament of the United Kingdom which states that "Males born after October 28, 2011, no longer precede their elder sisters in the line of succession." This ensures that Charlotte will follow George in line for the throne, not Louis.

Princess Diana loved to dance. In fact, she once performed on stage with John Travolta. Today her grandchildren George and Charlotte enjoy the art of dancing, a sight Prince William wishes his mum was around to see,

Just hours after giving birth to Prince Louis, Catherine stepped outside of the Lindo Wing with her hair and makeup as perfect as ever. She wore a Jenny Packham white-collared red dress. The dress was thought to pay homage to Princess Diana, who wore a similar outfit after giving birth to Harry.

Lottie is the one of the endearing nicknames that Kate and William use for their daughter Charlotte. Lottie was also the name of the princess in "The Princess and The Frog." Want to know another fun name heard in the Cambridge household? Poppet!

Because what young child doesn't love olives! When visiting with students at the Lavender Primary School in London, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge divulged that her daughter Charlotte loves to snack on olives. The media of course immediately published this most important information.

While most children have two godparents, Prince George has seven. These include Emilia Jardine-Paterson, the Duke of Westminster, Jamie Lowther-Pinkerton, Julia Samuel, Oliver Baker, William van Cutsem and Zara Tindall. Their relations range from a former private secretary to childhood friends.

Though she will one day join her brother George at Thomas's London Day School, Charlotte attends Willcocks Nursery School for now. Since she attends five mornings each week, parents Will and Kate thought it best to keep her close by the Palace. George's school is farther into London.

Prince George was given two middle names at birth. The first, Alexander, pays tribute to the Queen whose middle name is Alexandra while Louis pays homage not only to his Dad's middle name but also to Lord Louis Mountbatten. Despite all, Prince George is known as George Cambridge at school.

Nearly every time we see Prince George in public, he is wearing shorts with knee-high socks. There exists a long-standing tradition in British royalty in which boys wear shorts until they are about eight years old. A few more years and we shall find out!

Hyde Park was created in 1637 and stretches 350 acres across London. It is one of four Royal Parks that begin near Kensington Palace and end near the main entrance to Buckingham Palace. Gun salutes in the park have marked special occasions such as royal births and the Queen's Diamond Jubilee.

While Prince George was born at 8lbs 7oz, his sister Princess Charlotte came in at 8lbs 3oz. Prince Louis took the prize, however, weighing 8lbs 7oz at birth. The three royal children were born slightly heavier than any other heirs to the throne.

Maria Teresa Turrion Borrallo is the Cambridge family's nanny. She began working with the royal family in 2014 and has been spotted on various occasions. Her first appearance was when Will and Kate brought George to Australia and New Zealand. She has also been seen helping out at family weddings.

Many royal births have taken place at St. Mary's Hospital in London. Not only were Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis born there, but so too were their Dad, then Prince William, and their uncle, then Prince Harry, now Duke of Sussex.

Queen Elizabeth II was born Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor on April 21, 1926. As Queen of the United Kingdom, she also serves with pleasure as the matriarch of the family. She has four children, eight grandchildren, and eight great-grandchildren.

Angela Kelly is the Personal Adviser to Her Majesty, also known as her dressmaker. She is responsible for designing and styling Queen Elizabeth's wardrobe. The next time you see the Queen with a long coat and hat looking ever so perfect, be sure to think of the one who made it happen, Angela!

Prince George has a great nickname, but do you know where it comes from? Perhaps he enjoys a spot of PG Tips tea? Not quite. When William and Kate realized Prince George could be shortened to PG, they went one step further. They named him Tips. Can't you just hear them in their British accents now?

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