Quiz: How Well Do You Know Restaurant Lingo?
How Well Do You Know Restaurant Lingo?
By: Michael Moraitis
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About This Quiz

Do you know your front of house positions from back of house ones? Can you tell a bubble dancer from a bev nap, or a dupe from a double? If you know the answers to all these questions, 86 your plans for the next few minutes and see if you can ace this restaurant lingo quiz!

Ask anyone you know how they're doing, and you're likely to hear, "Busy." With more demands on our time then ever, people are wearing their busy-ness like a badge of pride, and doing anything it takes to squeeze even more into their already tight schedules. That means less time for everyday tasks like cooking. 

Fortunately, this tired and busy population is great news for the restaurant industry. In 2017, the average person spent about half of their total food budget on eating out, resulting in just shy of $800 billion in restaurant sales.

While the U.S. is home to more than a million restaurants eager to feed all those hungry customers, nine out of ten of those restaurants are small operations with less than 50 employees, and many work on incredibly tight margins.

To keep customers happy without blowing the budget, restaurant workers have developed their own language that allows them to communicate as quickly and efficiently as possible -- which means customers get their food faster, made correctly, and leave satisfied.

Think you can speak like a server or chef? Take our quiz and see how much you really know about the secret lingo of the restaurant world!

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