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During her graduation speech, Diane Court warns us she's glimpsed our future, and all she can say is ... ____.

Giving a speech entitled "Soaring Ahead," valedictorian Diane Court tells the graduating class that she has, "glimpsed our future, and all I can say is ... go back."

What does Joe sing at the Lakeside graduation ceremony?

Before valedictorian Diane Court gives her graduation speech, we see Joe singing Whitney Houston's "The Greatest Love of All" on stage.

What does Lloyd Dobler want to do as a career?

When Diane Court makes the second date a family dinner, Corey and D.C. are nervous for Lloyd -- "he has that nervous talking thing," you know. And it's during this dinner, when asked by Diane's father and his accountant what he'd like to do with his life, Lloyd replies with the now-classic line: I don't want to sell anything, buy anything or process anything as a career. I don't want to sell anything bought or processed, or buy anything sold or processed, or process anything sold, bought, or processed, or repair anything sold, bought, or processed. You know, as a career, I don't want to do that.

What does Lloyd Dobler kick aside at the 7-Eleven, so Diane can pass without stepping on it?

The morning after the party at Valhere's, Lloyd and Diane go to a 7-Eleven close to the Court home. On their way through the parking lot, Lloyd kicks aside broken glass for Diane to walk -- barefoot -- safely.

What's in the fountain at the graduation party at Vahlere's?

Vahlere is a 22-year-old who dresses up like the Lakeside Rooster on graduation day, every year, and makes a fountain full of a drink called Purple Passion.

What kind of car does Lloyd Dobler drive?

If you weren't sure what kind of car Lloyd drives, his boys at the Gas 'n Sip tell us, after he's "dissed in the Malibu."

Diane Court has pteromerhanophobia. What kind of phobia is that?

Diane has pteromerhanophobia, which is the fear of flying in an airplane. Phobias can impact your life. The first thing Diane thinks about, for instance, when she finds out she got the fellowship? That she'll have to fly.

Who is not one of Lloyd Dobler's best friends?

Lloyd is one of those guys who seems to know everyone. But it's D.C. and Corey who are Lloyd's best friends.

Diane Court is a brain trapped in the body of what?

When talking about Lloyd taking Diane Court out on a date, Corey and D.C. describe her as "a brain, trapped in the body of a game show hostess."

What does Lloyd Dobler call the "sport of the future"?

Lloyd considers kickboxing to be the sport of the future. In fact, his sparring partner in the film is professional kickboxing World Champion Don "The Dragon" Wilson.

Corey Flood has written 63 songs about ____?

Corey Flood wrote 63 songs her senior year, and they're all about Joe. "That'll never be me, that'll never be me. That'll never be, never be me. No ... no, never, never, ever. And, don't you EVER THINK IT."

What does Joe do when he cries?

This lyric is from one of Corey Flood's songs. Joe, she serenades us, "Joe lies ... Joe lies ... Joe lies when he cries ... ."

How old is Lloyd Dobler?

Lloyd, as he tells Jim Court when he's picking Diane up for the party, is 19, and he's "been overseas for a couple of semesters."

Where do Lloyd Dobler's parents live?

Lloyd's parents are in the Army and are stationed abroad. At the time of Lloyd's graduation, they're stationed in Germany. His dad is a lieutenant colonel and wants Lloyd to join. "He wants to pull some strings."

What does Diane Court's father do for a living?

James "Jim" Court owns and manages the Golden Seasons nursing home. His daughter Diane works there, too.

What is James Court's crime?

Agents Sims and Talbot investigate Jim for criminal activity during the tax years 1982 through 1986. He's arrested for embezzling money from the residents of his nursing home. Probably, they guess, from "phony billings" and "phony patients," and taking money when residents die.

Lloyd Dobler's sister, Constance, is uncredited. Who plays the character?

John Cusack's sister Joan plays his fictional sister, Constance.

What does Diane Court's dad give her as a graduation present?

Despite her objections, in addition to getting a car for graduation, Jim also gives his daughter the only thing her mother ever gave him that he kept -- a ring. After all, he's not only her father, he's her friend.

What movie do Lloyd, Diane and the seniors in the nursing home watch, the first time Lloyd visits the Golden Seasons?

"Lloyd Presents 'Cocoon'" is written on a blackboard, next to a TV and VCR. "I've never actually seen it," says Lloyd to the movie-watching group at the nursing home, "but I hear it makes you very happy."

What song does Lloyd Dobler play on his boombox, outside Diane Court's window early one morning?

Billy Idol's "To Be A Lover" and The Smithereen's "A Girl Like You" were both considered. But in the end Lloyd's playing Peter Gabriel's "In Your Eyes" while holding his boombox over his head.

What is Jim Court trying to purchase when his credit cards are declined?

Jim is trying to buy luggage for his daughter when his credit cards are declined. The salesperson tells him "there's a code on your account" and that she's "supposed to confiscate your card."

Where's Lloyd Dobler's 'office'?

Lloyd's office, where he makes his phone calls, is the bathroom he shares with his sister, Constance, and nephew, Jason.

What kind of snack does Lloyd Dobler have in his car the night he picks up Diane Court?

Lloyd is carrying around a box of Bavarian Dutch-style pretzels in his car.

What, according to D.C., is a 'scam'?

When Lloyd Dobler tells Corey and D.C. he sat with Diane Court at Bell's Square on their first date, they inform him that was no first date. Corey says it was a scam, "going out as friends." But D.C. corrects her, saying a "scam is lusting." A date, according to D.C., is "pre-arrangement, with the possibility for love."

Who from the early '90s group Wilson Phillips played Joe's new girlfriend, Mimi?

Chynna Phillips, the daughter of John and Michelle Phillips of '60s folk group, The Mamas & the Papas, played Mimi, Joe's new girlfriend. We see them together at the party on graduation night.

Because Lloyd Dobler lived in ____ for a few months, he has tips for Diane Court.

"I could give you an enormous amount of tips," Lloyd says to Diane Court on the phone before their first date. "Many tips. English tips."

Who is Diane Court ultra-competitive with during the school year?

At the graduation party, we learn that Sheila and Diane were "'all too competitive' this year." And for Sheila, she told Diane, "that if it hadn't been for 'Diane Court', I probably wouldn't have gotten into Cornell, because you made me study twice as hard."

Who collects the keys at the annual graduation party?

Vahlere chooses Lloyd as the keymaster for this year's graduation party, which means that night Lloyd's respsonsible for collecting everybody’s keys at the beginning of the party and handing them out at the end. As keymaster, he, along with Diane and Vahlere, find Mike Cameron drunk in the back bathroom.

The morning after the party, Diane Court tells Lloyd Dobler he's a great date. And then calls him what?

As they walk back to Diane's house from the 7-Eleven, she tells Lloyd he's a great date and that she's "never really gone out with someone as basic" as him. When she recaps the night for her dad, later, she says "he was funny and nervous and strange ... then I blew it. I called him basic. Can you believe I did that?"

Diane Court confides to her father everyone in her high school thinks she's a what?

"In a million years, you could never be a priss," Jim Court reassures his daughter after she tells him, "I was standing up there and looking at all the people, and I felt like they didn't know me. I mean, maybe I shouldn't have taken all those courses out of school."

What does Diane Court give to Lloyd Dobler when she breaks up with him?

Immediately after Lloyd tells Diane he loves her, she breaks up with him. Turning away, she takes a pen out of her pocket, and says, "Just take this pen please, and write me?" Later that night, when Lloyd is driving around, crying, he calls his sister, telling her, "I gave her my heart, and she gave me a pen."

Where will Diane Court travel to for her fellowship?

Diane's fellowship is in England.

What song plays when Diane and Lloyd's plane takes off?

It's "Within Your Reach," performed by The Replacements, that takes us through the end of the movie, including the plane's takeoff.

Does Diane's dad look familiar? Actor John Mahoney went on to play the father of two eccentric psychiatrists, on what award-winning sitcom?

Four years after "Say Anything," actor John Mahoney went on to star as Martin Crane, father of Frasier and Niles Crane, on the award-winning sitcom, "Frasier."

"Say Anything" is Cameron Crowe's directorial debut. In addition to directing, he also did what?

Cameron Crowe had written a few screenplays before writing the screenplay for "Say Anything," which was the first movie he directed.

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