Quiz: How Well Do You Know South American Geography?
How Well Do You Know South American Geography?
By: Jouviane Alexandre
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About This Quiz

Ola! Or should we say hola? Travelling down to South America, you'd be met with distinct cultures as you travel the continent, but where exactly are you headed? With large countries such as Brazil and Argentina, it's quite an easy feat to get lost, but not if you're a master of South American geography!

Its own small melting pot, South America has a blend of cultures and languages. While most of the country speaks Portuguese due to Brazil's high population, Spanish is a close second. You'll also find the Guyanese speaking English, the Surinen speaking Dutch, and the Guineans speaking French. If you wanted to meet your English-speaking counterparts, would you travel north, south, east, or west? Which two countries are land-locked? Brazil shares a border with how many countries?

While you might be good with capitals, do you know what side of the country Lima falls on? Can you pick which country borders Central America? Your knowledge might span the largest country on the continent and even the smallest but travel deeper! We're going beyond the Amazon through the mountains and into the desert. 

If you're ready to bounce around from Buenos Aires to Brasilia to Caracas, let's take a trip with this quiz!

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