Quiz: How Well Do You Know Star Wars Villains?
How Well Do You Know Star Wars Villains?
By: John Miller
Image: YouTube

About This Quiz

Without the Emperor, there’d be no Luke Skywalker. Without Darth Vader, there would be no Han Solo. For every hero in the “Star Wars” universe, there are the equal and opposing forces of evil – the villains and their ugly henchmen. Do you know the bad guys who populate the galaxies of “Star Wars”?

Let’s face it, without the baddies, our heroes would have no one to battle. Instead, Luke would play endless games of “Space Invaders” and fiddle with the useless buttons on his lightsaber. Fortunately, his father is a truly terrible parent, so Luke can chop off his dad’s body parts with wild abandon. Do you really know anything about Vader and his evil streak? Do you think that maybe he just needs a stronger anti-depressant?

From the original “Star Wars” movies to the latest Disney films, all of these blockbusters are loaded with evildoers looking to maximize mayhem. Can you name the mastermind of horror in “The Last Jedi”? And do you recall how he meets his maker?

Some of the villains stretch out their fiendish plots over multiple films. Do you know the creatures of the Empire and those that belong to the First Order?

In this quiz, we’re going to sink to the lowest of the low, embracing the dark side in all of us. Take our “Star Wars” villains quiz now!

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