Quiz: How Well Do You Know the Battle of Stalingrad?
How Well Do You Know the Battle of Stalingrad?
By: John Miller
Image: wikimedia

About This Quiz

In a war noted for its widespread devastation and deadliness, no single fight really sums up the horror and loss of life. But the Battle of Stalingrad would be close. This battle pitted two former allies against each other in a fight to the death, and by the time it ended five months later, neither side could really bear the heartbreak or the horror of the slaughter. Do you think you can withstand our Stalingrad quiz?

At the outset of World War II, the Nazis and Soviets weren’t just friendly, they were partners in crime, rampaging through Poland together and alarming Allied countries around the world. But Adolf Hitler, with typical duplicity, eventually turned on his buddy Joseph Stalin and the Communists, barreling straight toward Moscow and murdering millions of ethnic Russians along the way. Then, Hitler put Stalingrad squarely in his sights. Do you know when this battle began?

The Soviets retreated numerous times as the German offensive proceeded. Do you know why the Red Army decided to make a stand in Stalingrad? And do you remember how they prepared for the coming fight?

Once the battle began, it devolved into inhumane block-by-block fighting, one in which bombs and bullets came from every direction. Why did civilians remain in the city instead of running for their lives?

Then came the hunger. With no food or supplies, the Soviets resorted to the ultimate desperation to feed themselves. Still, they fought on, unable to escape, faced with death at every turn.

By 1943, Stalingrad was a city of the dead. Do you know who won this terrible fight? Take our Battle of Stalingrad quiz and see if you can match wits with Hitler, Stalin and their fierce generals!

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