Quiz: How Well Do You Know the Battle of Waterloo?
How Well Do You Know the Battle of Waterloo?
By: John Miller
Image: Louis Dumoulin

About This Quiz

In early 19th-century Europe, France was ground zero for an empire spawned by Napoleon Bonaparte. With his military cunning and political savvy, Napoleon had quickly moved up through the ranks of the army during the French Revolution, becoming a general at the tender age of 24. From there, it was just a matter of time before he seized even more power in his home country. Do you think you know enough about his genius to beat our Battle of Waterloo quiz?

Napoleon roiled Europe with his warring ways. He wasn’t content to rule over France. He wanted other vast parts of the continent, too. For decades, he managed to get away with his power-hungry ways, but abruptly he was shoved from his violent path. Then, showing the tenacity of a true fanatic, he returned to power and set about building his army again. Do you know how he managed this miraculous feat?

With a retooled army and grim determination, Napoleon once again set fire to Europe. He had a dastardly plan in mind – divide the countries allied against him, conscript hundreds of thousands of soldiers, and put Europe in a death grip that it would never escape.

So, Napoleon and his men set off for war once again. This time, they were confronted at the Battle of Waterloo. An allied force of Europeans blocked the French path and refused to retreat, setting the stage for one of the most famous battles in history. Take our epic quiz and see if you know what really happened at the world-changing Battle of Waterloo!

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