How Well Do You Know the Colors of Disney?

Kennita Leon

What color is this character's pants?

In the film, Pinocchio wears a pair of red shorts. He was brought to life by the blue fairy who promised to make him a real boy if he is brave, truthful and unselfish.

And this one's hair?

Cinderella has blonde hair which she wears tied back in a ribbon at home. When she attended the Prince's ball, her hair was styled in a fancy up-do with a blue tiara.

What color is her dress?

Throughout the film, Alice dons a blue dress with a white apron. She is seen wearing the dress when she falls down the rabbit hole and later when she wakes up.

What about Peter's hat?

Peter Pan sports a dark green hat which matches his legging. The hat has a triangular shape and a red feather placed at its side.

And Pooh's shirt?

Winnie the Pooh can always been seen wearing his iconic red shirt, but you'll rarely catch him wearing a pair of pants. He's not quite bare-naked, more like bear-naked.

What color do you think Flounder's stripes are?

Flounder, Ariel's best friend, has four blue stripes which are situated at the sides of his body. He also has light blue stripes which run along his fins and tail.

And Vanellope's hoodie?

In "Wreck-It Ralph", Vanellope von Schweetz wears a mint-green hoodie with light pink drawstrings and stitches over the pocket.

Now tell us about Jasmine's earrings.

In "Aladdin", Jasmine dons a pair of large, gold earrings which matches her necklace. She pairs this jewelry with her blue outfit and headband.

What color do you think Belle's overall is?

Belle's everyday outfit consisted of a light blue overall which she wore with a white, long-sleeved shirt and matching apron.

And Anastasia's jacket?

As an orphan, Anastasia wore a greyish-green jacket. She paired this with a button-up yellow dress, black leggings and brown boots.

What about the necklace Pocahontas wears?

Throughout the film, Pocahontas donned a turquoise and light blue necklace with a cream-colored shell pendant.

What color top does Moana wear?

Moana wears a crop top which is made out of red tapa and also matches her sash which she wraps around her skirt.

And Elsa's cape?

For her coronation, Elsa sported a magenta cape which she wore over a long-sleeved teal dress with a sweetheart bodice.

What color was Rapunzel's hair before it was cut?

Since her birth, Rapunzel was blessed with long, magical golden hair which glows brightly when she sings.

Tell us the color of Thumper's tail.

Thumper, Bambi's rabbit best friend, has a white, fluffy, round tail which matches the fur patch on his chest.

What color do you think Hades' hair was?

Hades, the god of the underworld, has two-toned, flaming blue hair which turns yellow-orange when he becomes angry.

Can you remind us what color Aladdin's vest was?

Aladdin's everyday street clothes consisted of a purple, sleeveless vest which revealed his bare chest. He wore this with his cream-colored, baggy pants and a red fez.

What about Hercules' cape?

Hercules, the son of Zeus and Hera, adorned a long, light blue cape which he wore with his Roman warrior armor gear.

And Tarzan's loincloth?

Throughout his life, Tarzan's only clothing item was a tattered, brown loincloth which he wrapped around his waist.

What color dress did Tinkerbell have on?

Tinker Bell is a tinker fairy whose typical outfit consists of a green strapless dress with a miniskirt that matches her green flats.

Tell us the color of Flynn Rider's hair.

Flynn Rider is the love interest of Rapunzel who accompanied her to see the floating lights. He has short, dark brown hair which falls over his forehead.

And the color of Ariel's bra?

In her mermaid form, Ariel's outfit consists of a lavender seashell bra that compliment her green fishtail with translucent fins.

Don't forget Governor Ratcliffe's hair bows.

Governor Ratcliffe, the main antagonist of "Pocahontas", wears his jet black hair in two pigtails adorned with red ribbons.

The ribbon that Li Shang wore, what color was it?

Li Shang, Mulan's captain and love interest, has his shoulder-length hair styled in a bun with a red ribbon which matches his red cape.

Tell us the color of Aurora's bustier.

As Briar Rose, Aurora's outfit consisted of a black bustier which she wore over her beige, long-sleeved shirt.

Can you remind us what color Megara's headband was?

Megara is the love interest of Hercules. She wears her hair in a high ponytail with a gold headband which matches the golden straps on her lavender dress.

Match the correct color to the one that Pacha's poncho was.

Pacha is the village leader in Kuzco's kingdom. He sports an olive poncho which drapes over his beige shirt that ends above his brown pants.

Can you identify the color leggings Gaston wore?

Gaston is the main antagonist of "Beauty and the Beast". His outfit consists of a pair of jet black leggings with a red tunic.

And Fairy Godmother's bow?

In "Cinderella", the Fairy Godmother's outfit is cornflower-colored dress and matching cloak, with a large, purple bow placed at the center of it.

Choose the color of Mowgli's shorts.

Mowgli is a ten-year-old orphan who was raised by a pack of wolves. Throughout the film, Mowgli's only clothing item was a pair of red shorts.

What color was Rafiki's cheeky mouth?

Rafiki, the adviser to the kings, is a mandrill with a peach-colored mouth and a bright red nose with bright blue ridges on the sides.

Tell us the colors of Woody's vest.

Woody is a vintage cowboy doll whose outfit is composed of a black and white cow-print vest placed over a yellow shirt with red square outlines.

And King Triton's tail?

King Triton is the father of Ariel and her six sisters. His lower body consists of a dark blue tail with translucent, cyan fins.

Choose the color of Esmeralda's headband.

Esmeralda wears a long, light pink ribbon which falls over her shoulder. She uses it to style her jet black hair in a high ponytail.

Can you remind us what color Dopey's hat was?

Dopey, the youngest of the seven dwarves, sports a loose, purple stocking cap which covers his round, bald head.

And Merida's hair?

Merida, the Scottish princess, has thick, curly red hair. Unlike her father and brothers, her hair is long and ends at her waist.

Don't forget about Prince Naveen's eyes.

Prince Naveen, Tiana's love interest, has amber-colored eyes which remained the same when he was transformed into a frog.

And Mother Gothel's dress?

Throughout the film, Mother Gothel wore a long maroon dress with draping sleeves which ends at her elbows.

What was the color of Zazu's tail?

Zazu is a red-billed hornbill and adviser of Mufasa, Scar and Simba. He has a long tail with three feathers in shades of light blue, white and dark blue.

Tell us the color of Eric's belt.

Prince Eric, Ariel's love interest, donned a red belt with his white shirt, royal blue pants and jet black boots.

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