Quiz: How Well Do You Know the Golden Age of Pro Wrestling?
How Well Do You Know the Golden Age of Pro Wrestling?
By: John Miller
Image: 4WrestlingFans

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For most of its history, pro wrestling has been the sweaty, mascara-streaked stepchild of other forms of entertainment — not quite a sporting event, not quite theater, and always scorned by the daily newspaper. Then, in the 1980s, wrestling was transformed. How much do you know about pro wrestling’s golden age?

The golden age didn’t last long, but during its heyday, wrestlers weren’t sports stars, they were celebrity icons. They appeared in all sorts of TV shows and movies and became the subject of gossip rags the world over. Do you know which organization helped wrestlers hit the headlines? And do recall the names of the most famous wrestlers of the decade?

In just a few years, one promoter manager took wrestling’s shabby look and put a shine to its main events. Do you remember the biggest matches of the golden era? Who won the heavyweight championships of the late ‘80s?

Just as quickly as pro wrestling hit its stride, a number of scandals rocked some of its biggest names. Declining health and age caught up to others. Do you know which factors caused the slow end of the golden age?

Let’s see if you can put our wrestling quiz into a headlock or whether you’ll wind up scoop-slammed to the mat. Take our golden age of wrestling quiz now!

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