Quiz: How Well Do You Know The History of Makeup?
How Well Do You Know The History of Makeup?
By: Isadora Teich
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Makeup has been a fixation for thousands of years, men and women using it for all kinds of reasons. How well do you know your Kohl and your blush? Test your makeup IQ with this HowStuffWorks quiz!

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Which ancient civilization is often credited for inventing makeup?
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What popular makeup look of the 1920s was the first widely copied?
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For what reasons did ancient societies use makeup and beauty products?
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Chinese and Japanese people used what for a whiter complexion?
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The first mascara was named after Mabel T.L. Williams, which became a signature of which brand?
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Wigs were popular in Elizabethan England: True or false?
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When did cosmetics as we know them start to be sold everywhere?
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Blue eyeshadow was popular during which decade?
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What did ancient Chinese and Japanese people do to their teeth?
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Ancient Egyptians used a primitive eyeliner called _________.
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Who wore makeup in ancient Egypt?
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What toxic substance did the women of ancient Greece paint their faces with?
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The first beauty salons were visited by women:
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Which influential queen publicly denounced makeup?
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What complexion has been historically prized?
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Makeup for women of color was launched during which decade?
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Ancient Romans tried to treat_________.
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Ancient Indians used what to dye their hair?
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Mascara used to be sold in what form?
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Disco swept America and inspired glittery glamorous makeup looks during which decade?
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What color hair was highly prized and considered "angelic" in Europe for centuries?
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When did pressure start to be put on women to look young?
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Ancient Egyptians used oils and creams to protect themselves from the ________.
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When did makeup become polarized as a feminist statement?
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Ancient Egyptians wore makeup to appease:
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What hair color was fashionable in Elizabethan England?
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Ancient Romans used blood in which red beauty product?
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What drastic measure did European women take during the Middle Ages to achieve fashionably pale skin?
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Victorians associated makeup with:
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Red lips and neutral toned eyes were on trend during which decade?
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Which ancient culture used a primitive kind of nail polish?
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What part of their face did women start to tattoo in the early 20th century?
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Perfumes were first imported to Europe from the Middle East following the:
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During the Renaissance, who used cosmetics?
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