Quiz: How Well Do You Know the History of the Western US?
How Well Do You Know the History of the Western US?
By: John Miller
Image: Albert Bierstadt

About This Quiz

With the Louisiana Purchase of the early 1800s, the young United States doubled in size. But no one – even the buyers – really knew what sorts of mysteries and wonders these new lands held. President Thomas Jefferson sent the Lewis and Clark Expedition to explore these plains and mountains, and the men returned with exciting stories of wild lands, Native Americans both fierce and friendly, and flora and fauna of all kinds. 

Then, a few people slowly began making their way through these new territories. What do you know about the history of the American West?

The West isn’t just majestic mountains. It’s a place of the American imagination - a place where you go to break the rules and retreat from the rigidity and confinement of the East. And it all started with the lore of the Wild West, the frontier lands where law was scarce and guns made the rules. Do you know how civilization first took hold in the West?

As white settlers began to tame the land, everything changed. Native cultures were swept aside, wild animals ran for their lives, and even the landscape was altered. New technologies and free land created new towns literally overnight. It was an incredible era in an extraordinary place.

Ride into the sunset of this American West quiz now! We’ll find out of you’re a real buckaroo or just the kind of cowboy who gets thrown from his horse.

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