Quiz: How Well Do You Know the Important Dates of WWII?
How Well Do You Know the Important Dates of WWII?
By: John Miller
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About This Quiz

World War II wasn’t just the deadliest and most expensive war in human history. Its outcome ensured that the entire planet didn’t wind up saying words like “heil” and “obergruppenführer” for the rest of time. Each year during the war, there were days when things could have gone the other way – do you remember the vital dates of this momentous war?

Like 9/11, every American knows the significance of Dec. 7, 1941. It was a date that permanently altered the United States’ political importance, causing an evolution from an average society into a world industrial superpower. But do you know the vital dates that preceded and followed that Dec. 7 cataclysm?

For instance, the war may have never happened if it hadn’t been for Sept. 1, 1939. Do you know what occurred on that day? The following May, more troubling events emerged in Europe … what happened, and why?

Other vital events happened prior to 1939, before the start of the European fighting. Did you know that some of the deadliest combat of the war happened on the other side of Asia? Countless millions of people perished.

As the war dragged on and Nazi atrocities were unearthed, the world gathered against Hitler and his Axis allies. In June of 1944, the pendulum of karma began swinging the other way. We bet you know exactly what we’re talking about.

Prove it! Take our swashbuckling World War II quiz and see if you really know the dates that changed the history of the human race!

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