Quiz: How Well Do You Know the Innovations and Inventions of WWII?
How Well Do You Know the Innovations and Inventions of WWII?
By: John Miller
Image: Ministry of Information Photo Division Photographer

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The Second World War was unique in that it was an all-encompassing war, one that forced nations to mobilize totally … or potentially find themselves wiped from the face of the Earth. That motivation was sufficient to spark the development of some truly amazing new technologies. Do you think you can master our WWII tech quiz and name the most innovative weapons and products created by war-weary scientists?

Most people know about the Manhattan Project and its ultimate outcome. This gigantic R&D experiment required nearly unbelievable manpower and money, but it was ultimately a success. Do you know what the project yielded?

The Germans started their tech breakthroughs before the war even began, fielding some truly trailblazing weapons and machines. How much do you know about Nazi breakthroughs that threatened to shatter the Allies and their civilian populations?

In response, the Allies, too, created some technologies that altered the landscape of war in countless ways. From aircraft navigation to new bombs, the world quickly became a more advanced — and deadlier — place.

From the trenches to the skies, World War II required all the ingenuity that scientists could muster. Let’s see how much you really understand about the innovations sparked by the Second World War!

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