Quiz: How Well Do You Know the Language of Colors?
How Well Do You Know the Language of Colors?
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When you're a little kid, the first colors you typically learn are the primary ones. You later add the secondary colors and get an understanding of black and white. Then, of course, you learn that the rainbow has seven colors. You learn that older video games used only eight colors, then sixteen, and now a huge spectrum.

You learn that colorblindness means that some people have all sorts of weird and wonderful palettes through which they see the world. You learn about the island in the Pacific where, thanks to a typhoon killing off nearly everyone some years ago and a fully colorblind person being among the survivors, a huge percentage of people see in black and white! You start to learn about colors that don't even appear within the human eye's capacity to see, such as infra-red and ultra-violet and more - and that these are the majority of colors, and bees can see a great many of them! You learn about the condition known as synesthesia, when people's minds connect colors to hearing and taste and smell. 

You start to wonder if your red is the same as the same as everyone else's, or if your red is her green, which is his blue, which is your orange. And if you can still make sense of all of it and remember the right label for everything you encounter along the way... you ace the heck out of this quiz!

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