Quiz: How Well Do You Know the Laws of Nature?
How Well Do You Know the Laws of Nature?
By: Torrance Grey
Image: Pobytov/DigitalVision Vectors/gettyimages

About This Quiz

Want to see something strange? Go to Google and run a search on "laws of nature." (We'll wait.) 

See? This concept seems to have been taken over by philosophers, life coaches and personal-development gurus. They see the laws of nature as precepts that govern morality, karma and the like. However, there are essential laws of nature - the rules of physics, chemistry and biology - that are just as important to our quality of life. They affect our health, our ability to navigate the world and stay safe, to communicate with each other, and to travel. Without a proper understanding of these laws, we'd return to a world ruled by fear and superstition. We'd sacrifice animals (or even other humans) to nature gods who could supposedly bring or withhold rain, or cause earthquakes when angry. We wouldn't be able to communicate instantaneously over large distances. And, of course, you wouldn't be able to boot up a computer and take this quiz right now.

How much do you know about the rules that great minds from Aristotle to Newton to Einstein struggled to understand? We've got a quiz that'll let you test just that! Some questions will be on the "named" laws of physics or chemistry (named for their discoverer, generally). Others will be on basic, universal principles of how weather and other parts of the natural world operate. 

Are you ready? Good luck!

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