Quiz: How Well Do You Know the Major Sieges of WWII?
How Well Do You Know the Major Sieges of WWII?
By: John Miller
Image: Tommy Gildseth

About This Quiz

From D-Day to Operation Barbarossa, many of the biggest battles the Second World War swept through the countryside and cities in a matter of days or weeks. But in a few cases, cities were fortified with troops and supplies to thwart an enemy’s advance. The result? Sieges – truly terrible sieges, the likes of which the world may never see again. Do you think you can withstand our WWII siege quiz and conduct a breakout?

In the early stages of the war, Germany used its blitzkrieg (“lightning war”) tactics to quickly crush enemy resistance. With their powerful Luftwaffe (air force) and Wehrmacht (army), the Nazis often simply overran the opposition and then occupied their territories. As the war dragged on, though, bigger cities steeled themselves against Germany's aggression, and the ensuing sieges often lasted for months … or even years. Do you know the longest sieges of WWII?

During sieges, life for troops on both sides was difficult. For the civilians stuck in these cities, though, the battles were an unending nightmare. Trapped on all sides by bullets and bombs, families struggled to find food to eat. Many times, they failed, dying of starvation and disease. Do you know how awful the conditions were for innocents hemmed in by sieges?

Both sides committed unspeakable atrocities during sieges, sometimes in frustration, sometimes out of hatred. No one wanted to be a part of these campaigns, but during World War II, few had a choice. Let’s see if you can survive our WWII siege quiz, or whether you will perish in your urban grave.

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