Quiz: How Well Do You Know the Most Iconic Rifles in American History?
How Well Do You Know the Most Iconic Rifles in American History?
By: John Miller
Image: shutterstock

About This Quiz

If America is built on guns, then rifles are the I-beams that put the nation on world maps. Without rifles, early colonists would’ve struggled to feed and defend themselves. Sans rifles, conquering the Old West would’ve been an altogether different challenge. And without rifles, the country’s wars would’ve taken a very different turn.

Do you know what made the American Long Rifle so different from its brethren? And do you have any idea how important these distinctively American firearms were to the earliest Americans?

Some of the most famous names in manufacturing built the rifles that made America. We’re talking, of course, about companies like Winchester, Spencer and Springfield, all of which made significant contributions to rifles of the United States.

Can you pick the hunting rifles from the ones that made it into military service? And do you recall which of these famous rifles were distributed during the worst wars the world has ever witnessed?

American rifles weren’t just copycat models stolen from other countries. Homegrown designers tweaked and innovated to their hearts’ content, sometimes stumbling upon advances that turned the rifle-manufacturing industry upside down. Do you know which rifles captured the public’s imagination?

Rifles aren’t just guns. They’re symbols of independence and self-reliance. So take aim at our iconic American rifle quiz and see if you have what it takes to blast our questions to oblivion!

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