How Well Do You Know the Movie “Dumb and Dumber”?

By: Jonnathan Chadwick

Megastar comedian Jim Carrey was fresh off the success of "Ace Ventura" and "The Mask" when he landed the lead role in this box-office hit. It was his third major hit of the year and is widely considered his greatest comedy role.

Jeff Daniels is known as one of the fastest talkers in Hollywood, and his legendary performance as Harry Dunne will go down in comedy history. According to him, he almost didn't get the part, and his agent thought the role would be career suicide.

Harry and Lloyd live in Providence, RI, which is more than 2,000 miles away from Aspen, CO. Lloyd sells a dead bird to a blind kid before they embark on the cross-country trip, and that event lands Providence in the national news later on in the movie.

"Dumb and Dumber" was the first movie the Farrelly brothers wrote or directed and it was a hit. The brothers then created the movies "There's Something About Mary" and teamed up with Jim Carrey again in "Me, Myself & Irene."

Lloyd and Harry are both saving to create their pet store, which is a worm farm, and that is their dream. The name of the store, if their dream comes true, will be "I've Got Worms." They also have a huge worm farm in the middle of their tiny apartment.

Mary left a briefcase of ransom money at the airport in exchange for her kidnapped husband, but Lloyd had no idea and decided to return it to her. This leads to the main plot of the movie and a cross-country adventure that is one of cinema's best.

When Lloyd first met Mary, he fell head over heels for her, and when he dropped her off, the two exchanged one of the most awkward goodbyes in cinema history. Although he drove her a few minutes to the airport, he can't imagine never seeing her again.

Lloyd got specific instructions from Harry to get just the essentials with the last of the pair's money, but he splurged on a corner-store shopping spree and even hit a seedy newspaper box before it all gets stolen by a lady on a motorized scooter.

Harry and Lloyd think the bad guy knocking at the door is someone visiting to collect the gas bill, so they sneak out the window. The bad guys think about trashing the place to send a message, but the place is so messy it's difficult to trash.

Harry's bird was named Petey, and when Harry returns to the apartment, he finds Petey dead and believes his head fell off because he was getting old. That's the moment the two guys decide to get out of that apartment dump and start a new life.

Although Petey does not have a head, Lloyd tapes it back on and sells the bird to Billy in 4C, who happens to be blind. He made about 25 bucks selling the bird and some other stuff right before he and Harry hit the road.

When at the diner, Harry spills some salt on the table, which is bad luck, and since he can't afford any bad luck on a cross-country road trip, he decides to throw some salt over his shoulder for good luck, but he throws the entire shaker instead and hits Sea Bass.

There are a slew of comedies from the '90s that feature cameos from star athletes, and Cam Neely makes an appearance as Sea Bass in "Dumb and Dumber." Jim Carrey also starred in "Ace Ventura" that same year, which featured a famous cameo from NFL legend Dan Marino.

Harry reveals the details of his first love and heartbreak to Lloyd when they are sitting in a heart-shaped jacuzzi at a small motel. It's implied in the scene that Harry's love, Fraida, left him for his best friend, Lloyd, and we later learn that's exactly what happened.

The bad guy, who is named Mental, is planning to kill Harry and Lloyd with rat poison, but he gets heartburn from a spicy atomic pepper before he can. Lloyd and Harry then accidentally give him rat poisoning instead of his medicine.

A cross-country trip isn't officially a road trip until someone has to go to the bathroom in a bottle because the driver refuses to stop. That's what happened in this situation, and when the officer pulls the pair over for speeding, he finds quite the surprise.

There have been some tear-jerking TV commercials over the decades, and for Harry and Lloyd, this Pacific Bell phone commercial is one of them. In the ad, a family split apart can stay in touch by talking on the phone.

Harry took his grooming job seriously and fully pimped out his van to make it look like a sheepdog. It was the perfect van for a cross-country trip, and the duo utilized the extra space by picking up several hitchhikers along the way.

Lloyd was wearing at least two pairs of gloves when Harry was nearing frostbite. This moment was the icing on the cake that caused the two to fight, which eventually led to the briefcase breaking open. Once they found the ransom money, they became best friends again.

Harry and Lloyd agree to only buy the bare essentials with the ransom money, but they ultimately end up living in a presidential suite and driving around Aspen in a Lambo. They fill the briefcase with IOU's, which, according to Lloyd, are as good as money.

Harry lights himself on fire when he's getting the FBI agent's phone number at a gas station on their way to Aspen. Harry doesn't finish getting her number but eventually rescues Lloyd, who is cornered in the bathroom by Sea Bass, by bursting in and dousing the fire with toilet water.

With just 3 miles before Colorado, Harry decides to stop driving before entering a new state and hands the wheel to Lloyd. Lloyd, being Lloyd, doesn't pay attention to where he's going, and ends up making one of the most memorable mistakes of the movie.

Harry and Lloyd were only about 25 miles away from Aspen when Lloyd takes the wrong turn toward Lincoln, Nebraska and drives four and a half hours (aka a tad) in the wrong direction. The mistake is so devastating that Harry decides to walk home.

Although the mini scooter is barely big enough for one adult, Harry loves the idea of driving to Aspen on the back of the bike, and the two instantly become best friends again. The scooter gets 70 miles to the gallon, and Lloyd traded the van for it to some kid in town.

Harry and Lloyd are frozen together after traveling hundreds of miles across the country on a scooter to get to Aspen, and when they finally stop driving, Lloyd manages to utter "we're there." The first thing they decide to do is to return the briefcase to Mary.

Samsonite sounds just enough like Swanson where it could be mistaken, but in this case, Samsonite is the brand of the briefcase, not Mary's last name. There is no listing for Samsonite in the phone book, so the pair give up looking for her.

The first thing the guys buy with their new-found fortune is one of the most expensive hotel suites in Aspen. It's reserved for royals, dignitaries and celebrities. Prince Charles, Princess Diana and the emperor and empress of Japan also stay there.

Instead of driving, Lloyd begins daydreaming about how amazing his life could be with Mary. He dreams about charming her family, taking her out to dinner and protecting her from deadly ninjas. He eventually stops daydreaming when he almost gets hit by a truck.

Lloyd is having difficulty pronouncing the word "the" when Harry takes the newspaper and announces that Mary is hosting a dinner and they absolutely must go. They spend the next few days getting pampered and prepared for the ball.

Lloyd's signature move is spraying his breath-freshening spray sideways. When he walks into the Aspen Preservation Society dinner, he gets the doorman right in the eye with his spray. The doorman also happens to be the mastermind behind the entire kidnapping and ransom.

Lloyd ultimately killed the Icelandic snow owl with a champagne cork, cementing his legend as an expert assassin. The bad guys think the hit was revenge for killing Harry's parakeet, Petey, but Lloyd didn't even know he did it.

Harry had one job, but once he started talking to Mary, he began cracking jokes and flirting. By the time Mary's mother came over and insisted the two went on a date, he hadn't even mentioned Lloyd's existence.

Lloyd shows up at the bar at 10 a.m., and it's not even open when he takes a seat and orders a drink. Mary never shows up, and when he gives up and leaves, he sees a newspaper hung on the wall with a "Man Walks On Moon" headline.

Special Agent Beth Jordan is the FBI agent posing as a woman who just broke up with her boyfriend. She runs into the pair first at the gas station, and then again when she meets Lloyd at the hotel bar and talks his ear off while he's waiting for Mary.

Lloyd pours almost an entire bottle of laxative into Harry's coffee right before he goes to Mary's house, which leads to one of the most memorable bathroom scenes in cinema history. Lloyd's scheme works, and he drops by and steals Mary away while Harry is in the bathroom.

Harry gets the worst news of a lifetime after he uses the toilet, and Mary tells him it doesn't flush. He decides to say he's shaving although he has no facial hair. Lloyd shows up at the front door while Harry is in the bathroom trying to fix the toilet.

Lloyd is extremely excited to learn that he has a one in a million chance to be with Mary, although it is a very slim chance. Unknown to Lloyd, Mary is married. In real life, Jim Carrey and Lauren Holly were married for a year.

Unknown to Lloyd, the entire reason Mary is in this pickle is that her husband, Bobby, is being held ransom. Mary's husband only appears at the end of the film when the bad guys are caught, and Lloyd wishes he didn't exist.

There is no rule saying cold-blooded killers can't be vegetarians and Nicholas requests a vegetarian meal on his one-way flight to Amsterdam when he's trying to run away. Meal choices usually aren't a top priority for criminals on the lam, but it was in this situation.

Harry and Lloyd are walking down the side of the road when they are complaining about catching a big break, and at that moment, a bus full of bikini models pulls up. The guys are asked if they want to be oil boys and travel with the models, but they decline.

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If you remember 1994, you remember it was the year of Jim Carrey. He starred in the No. 1 hit movie "Ace Ventura," he starred in the No.1 hit movie "The Mask," and he starred in the No. 1 hit movie, and his comedic opus, "Dumb and Dumber." The movie instantly became a classic and is considered one of the greatest comedies of all time, but Harry and Lloyd were almost played by very different people.

Both Steve Martin and Martin Short were offered movie parts, and the studio had no idea who they wanted to play the role of Harry Dunne. For the entire start of filming, the lead characters weren't filmed together because Harry could be replaced any day. Luckily no changes were made, and today the movie is an American classic.

The cross-country road trip in a dog van and mini scooter has given us memorable quotes, moments and characters. Almost everyone has seen "Dumb and Dumber," but only die-hard fans know all the facts. Can you remember what Lloyd said to Mary when he dropped her off at the airport? What's the first thing Harry and Lloyd bought with their new-found riches? What was that FBI agent's name and what state are Harry and Lloyd from? Put your skills to the test and see how well you know the movie "Dumb and Dumber."

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