Quiz: How well do you know the movie "Twilight"?
How well do you know the movie "Twilight"?
By: Torrance Grey
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It has been more than ten years since Stephanie Meyers' romantic story of a teenage girl and her vampire beau hit the bookstores and became a breakout hit that spawned several sequels, and was later adapted into four blockbuster movies. "Twilight" was born when Meyer had a dream featuring the two main characters, woke up, and started writing. It was a very quick process from concept to publication, and the first edition was an immediate bestseller.

"Twilight" owes its position to a great many pieces of vampire literature that came before it, from Bram Stoker's "Dracula" through Anne Rice to Buffy and beyond. The trilogy explores many of the same themes around immortality, sexuality, and coming of age. It did represent an interesting position in which the romance is centered, with the first book not even introducing an antagonist until 3/4 of the way through the narrative. This structural choice means that the protagonist begins the trilogy very passive, tossed on the winds of the male characters' actions, though this is corrected in later books when she eventually becomes as powerful as her vampire suitor.

Due to her immense success, Meyer was later ripped off and imitated by vast swaths of the fanfiction community, with first a variety of writers hopping on the vampire romance bandwagon, and later copycat stories about rich guys pursuing less-powerful women. Some of these have achieved fame in their own right. However, we're here to find out how well you remember the original, as portrayed on the screen. Let's find out!

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