Quiz: How Well Do You Know the Roaring Twenties?
How Well Do You Know the Roaring Twenties?
By: John MIller
Image: Thomas Bolles

About This Quiz

Each decade of the 20th century is marked by a mood and a series of history-changing events. The 1920s were no different – it was a period that found a marked turn in the Western world, witnessing delirious changes in culture, politics and economics. Do you think you can dance your way through our Roaring Twenties quiz?

Following the Great War, much of Europe lay in ruins, but Westerners took hope in the fact that the immense bloodshed of the conflict was finally over. They began rebuilding in earnest, creatively and adventurously reinventing their lives in many ways. Do you know anything about the arts movements of the ‘20s?

After centuries of conservatism, women finally began to shed their Victorian ideals. With their new sense of identity came new ideas, fashions and attitudes, to a degree that many older generations were taken aback. Can you name any of the ways women became more progressive during this decade?

Economies all over the Western world boomed in the wake of the war. Unemployment plummeted. Unions found themselves scrambling. And wages rose for men and women alike. It was, for many people, an amazing time to be alive.

From Coolidge to Hoover, from Prohibition to major excess, the ’20 were a vibrant era, and in our quiz, we’ll see if you understand this strange and wonderful time. How much do you really know about the Roaring Twenties?

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