Quiz: How well do you know the ships of the U.S. Navy?
How well do you know the ships of the U.S. Navy?
By: Becky Stigall
Image: YouTube

About This Quiz

Do you know which aircraft carriers are in commission right now? Do you know how many battleships the U.S. Navy is using? How about what the oldest naval ship still in use is? America's Navy not only keeps the United States secure as a world superpower, but it also develops cutting-edge technology, brings relief and medical aid to disaster zones, and instills a sense of pride and tradition in the young men and women who serve. The U.S. Navy covers the world to bring safety and peace over the oceans and in the air, and the ships it commissions are the all-important infrastructure of that security and peace.

The U.S. Navy has been serving America since 1775, and its ships have been sailing the world ever since. Maybe you know the ships because you have been a U.S. Navy sailor your whole life, or perhaps you are just a lifelong naval enthusiast. Either way, this quiz will take you from the earliest U.S. Navy ship to the latest and most advanced naval vessels in the United States Fleet. Do you have a passion for the U.S. Navy in your heart and blood? Or are you just a casual aficionado of naval warfare? Test your knowledge of the largest Navy in the world with this intense quiz to find out!

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