Quiz: How Well Do You Know the Show 'Last Man Standing?'
How Well Do You Know the Show 'Last Man Standing?'
By: Stella Alexander
Image: FOX

About This Quiz

Are you ready for the return of the Baxters? TV sitcoms always hold a special place in the hearts of their viewers. Why? Is it the mixture of drama and comedy you'll find mixed into every episode? Is it because of how relatable the family is? While you might feel that one of these holds true for most shows, Last Man Standing is a combination of both! Through its six-year run, Last Man Standing resonated with its fans, but it's not gone forever! As of right now, it's probably stuck in your memory, but can you use that memory to ace this quiz?

Last Man Standing premiered in 2011 on ABC. Following a married father living in the western United States, the series shone a light on his family, business, and conservative nature. After appearing on ABC for six years, the show was canceled in 2017, but the Baxter family wasn't down for long! The sitcom was picked up by Fox with plans to return to TV in 2018. Before the Baxters officially return, how well do you know their lives so far?

Where did Mike go to college? How old is Kristin when she gets pregnant with her son? Which daughter is Mike's favorite? If you're ready to rejoin the Baxters, these are all answers you should know! Will you be the last man or woman standing in this quiz? Let's find out!

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