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Are you ready for the return of the Baxters? TV sitcoms always hold a special place in the hearts of their viewers. Why? Is it the mixture of drama and comedy you'll find mixed into every episode? Is it because of how relatable the family is? While you might feel that one of these holds true for most shows, Last Man Standing is a combination of both! Through its six-year run, Last Man Standing resonated with its fans, but it's not gone forever! As of right now, it's probably stuck in your memory, but can you use that memory to ace this quiz?

Last Man Standing premiered in 2011 on ABC. Following a married father living in the western United States, the series shone a light on his family, business, and conservative nature. After appearing on ABC for six years, the show was canceled in 2017, but the Baxter family wasn't down for long! The sitcom was picked up by Fox with plans to return to TV in 2018. Before the Baxters officially return, how well do you know their lives so far?

Where did Mike go to college? How old is Kristin when she gets pregnant with her son? Which daughter is Mike's favorite? If you're ready to rejoin the Baxters, these are all answers you should know! Will you be the last man or woman standing in this quiz? Let's find out!

What kind of store chain does Mike Baxter work for?

In "Last Man Standing," Mike Baxter is an executive for a sporting goods company.


How many daughters does Mike have?

Mike Baxter has three daughters in the sitcom. They are Kristin, Mandy and Eve.


What is the name of the store that Mike works for?

Mike is a senior executive at the outdoor sporting goods store called Outdoor Man.


Where do the Baxters live?

"Last Man Standing" is centered around the Baxter family who lives in Denver, Colorado.


What is Vanessa's favorite thing to drink?

One of the running jokes in the show is Vanessa having a high affinity for always drinking wine.


What is the name of Kristin's son?

When Kristin was a senior in high school, she got pregnant and gave birth to a son, Boyd.


What political party does Mike belong to?

Throughout the show, it is clear to see that Mike is a Republican. Many times throughout the show, they'll portray his conservative values and political beliefs.


Who is the eldest Baxter daughter?

Kristin is the oldest Baxter daughter, followed by Mandy and Eve.


Mike is an alumni of which university?

In the series, it is revealed that Mike is an alum of the University of Michigan.


Before becoming a teacher, what was Vanessa's profession?

When Vanessa is introduced in the series, she initially works as a geologist but eventually decides to become a teacher.


What college did Vanessa attend?

Vanessa attended Ohio State University, where she also received her PhD in Geology.


Who is Boyd's father?

Kristin and Ryan Vogelson had a relationship in high school which led to Kristin getting pregnant. Although Ryan initially fled after finding out, he eventually returns to help her raise their son.


What school does Eve want to attend after high school?

In the series, part of Eve's story line is her working extremely hard to get accepted into West Point but unfortunately, she is rejected.


Which sister did Kyle date first?

Kristin and Kyle went out during the first season after Kyle mistook Kristin for Mandy. He eventually begins dating Mandy in Season 2 and they eventually get married.


What is Eve's favorite sport to play?

Eve is the youngest of the Baxter girls and is Mike's favorite. With a high affinity for sports, she excels at each one she plays. When the series begins, Eve is focused on playing her favorite sport, soccer.


What country is Ryan from?

In the series, Ryan Vogelson is from Canada. When he found out that Kristin was pregnant, he initially fled back home before returning.


Similar to Kyle's aunt, Season 6 reveals that another person had early onset dementia. Who is it?

Ed first started a fishing tools shop before collaborating with Mike to form their chain store, Outdoor Man.


After leaving construction, what kind of business does Bud Baxter open?

In the series, Mike's father, Bud Baxter, opens up a marijuana store once it becomes legal in Colorado.


Which late night talk show host appears in seasons 5 and 6 as Joe Leonard?

Jay Leno would guest star in Season 5 and 6 as Joe Leonard, an auto-technician who eventually works for Mike in his shop.


What is the name of Vanessa's sister, who is always asking her for money?

Christina Moore stars as April, Vanessa's younger sister. In the series, she appears in Seasons 1 and 3 and is often seen asking Vanessa for money.


At her high school, what boy's sport does Eve make the team for?

Eve is excellent at sports, often outperforming the boys in her school. She even makes the boys' football team as their kicker.


In Season 6, Eve's boyfriend, Rob, is recovering from what addiction?

In Season 6, Eve begins dating Rob, a criminal justice student at the University of Colorado Boulder. Her parents initially have some reservations when they learn he is a recovering alcoholic.


Chuck Larabee and his wife, Carol, have a son who is the same age as whom?

Chuck and Carol have a son, Brandon, who is Eve's age and attends the same high school.


Which singer guest starred as Ryan Vogelson in Season 1?

Nick Jonas guest starred in Season 1 of "Last Man Standing," as Ryan Vogelson. He was later replaced by Jordan Masterson.


Which family member does Kyle take care of?

In "Last Man Standing," part of Kyle's storyline is him taking care of his elderly grandmother who has dementia.


What was the name of the Baxters' housekeeper?

Carla Jimenez appeared in seasons 2 through 4 of "Last Man Standing" as the Baxters' housekeeper.


How many times had Ed been divorced?

Ed, Mike's business partner, often tries to give him relationship advice for his marriage to Vanessa. It seems kind of ironic since Ed has been divorced four times!


What political candidate does Vanessa shock Mike with her support?

In Season 5, Vanessa shocks Mike, a proud conservative, by saying that she's supporting Hillary Clinton with the hopes that she'll support women's causes.


Similar to Ed, Chuck Larabee is a U.S. vet. Which war did he fight in?

Chuck Larabee is the neighbor of the Baxters. He is a retired Marine and fought in the Gulf War.


Which "Home Improvement" star appeared in Seasons 2 and 3 as John Baker?

Jonathan Taylor Thomas first starred in "Home Improvement" with Tim Allen as his son. He appears in "Last Man Standing" as Kristin's boss. He makes a cameo in Season 4 alongside Patricia Richardson, his mother from "Home Improvement."


What subject does Eve struggle in?

While Eve excels at everything she does, including academically, her worst subject is art.


In the series, which war did Ed participate in?

Notice we didn't say fight! While Ed mentions that he didn't participate in any battles, he was a clerk during the Vietnam war.


What branch of the military does Eve end up going to?

After getting rejected from West Point, Eve takes a year off from school and applies to the Air Force Academy. She gets accepted!


Before the coming of the Larabees, Vanessa's closest friend was Michelle. What did she do for a living?

In Season 1, Danielle Bisutti starred as Michelle, the neighbor of the Baxters. Although she was a meteorologist, she got most of her weather information from an app.


Which of the following people didn't guest star on the show?

"Last Man Standing" had an impressive list of guest stars. The list even includes Frankie Muniz and Kim Kardashian.


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