Quiz: How Well Do You Know the Star Trek Films?
How Well Do You Know the Star Trek Films?
By: John Miller
Image: Paramount Pictures

About This Quiz

From Kirk to Picard, from the Borg to the Vulcans, the “Star Trek” film franchise is packed with scintillating characters and phaser-scarred storylines. Aside from those other “Star” movies (which shall go unnamed here), the “Trek” films are some of the most successful sci-fi productions in the history of moviemaking.

Do you remember the ominous villain of the second “Star Trek” film? We didn’t know it back then, but it was just the beginning of a long-running rivalry pitting his menacing plots against the adventurous spirit of Starfleet.

Do you remember how one of our favorite pointy-eared heroes met his early demise? And how his death turned out to be a temporary inconvenience?

Do you recall the race that attempted to assimilate the crew of the Enterprise, all as part of a much wider plan of annihilation? And do you know which movie featured this ominous plot?

Some “Trek” films take place at the ends of the universe. Others take place near the home planet, Earth, and its familiar landscapes. Do you remember the film that takes place largely in California?

It’s time to boldly go forth into our “Star Trek” movie quiz. Perhaps you’ll fend off the Tribbles long enough to ace every question … or perhaps the Klingons will drive you to an early end.

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