Quiz: How Well Do You Know The Swingin' '60s?
How Well Do You Know The Swingin' '60s?
By: Isadora Teich
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About This Quiz

Okay, we'll admit it: The 1960s are a love-em-or-hate-em decade, and a lot of people fall in the latter camp. It was a generation of excess, with eye-bruisingly loud psychedelic art, drug use that sometimes ruined lives, and some truly awful hairstyle and clothing choices. 

But maybe that's an undeserved bad rap. Look closer, and you'll see that there was a lot more going on in the 1960s than the cliches that have clung to them for decades after. For example, the 1960s were a period of medical innovation, with a South African surgeon performing a ground-breaking transplant. 

The 1960s also brought us the first-ever playing of a now-beloved sporting event (we can't tell you which; it's a spoiler) and a brilliant first novel that is still taught in schools today. (We'll give you a hint: Its unexpected sequel, "Go Set a Watchman," came to bookstores decades afterward, in 2015). 

Also, the first televised presidential debate took place in the 1960s, and you might find this hard to believe, but there wasn't a crawl line across the bottom of the screen or a seven-person panel of squabbling "experts" afterward! It looks revolutionary, in retrospect.

The 1960s: all we are saying, is give them a chance! And what better way to do that than to revisit them with our quiz!

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Cult leader ________ orchestrated murders which included the death of actress Sharon Tate.
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Which of these people is a famous leader of the civil rights movement?
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Which war took place during the 1960s?
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Which famous festival took place at the end of the 1960s?
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Which huge band made its U.S. debut in 1964?
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What kind of art became popular in the 1960s?
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Which popular TV show debuted during the 1960s?
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During which decade did men land on the moon for the first time?
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In an iconic image taken of a Vietnam war protest, a protestor offers _________ to military police?
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Which U.S. president was assassinated during the 1960s?
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Which first lady died during the 1960s?
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Which Oscar winner dominated the Academy Awards in 1963?
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Which famous icon died during the 1960s?
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What kind of cosmetic implants were successfully used for the first time during the 1960s?
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Which famous rocker was discharged from the military in 1960?
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The first birth control pill for women was approved during the ___________.
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Which drug became especially popular during the 1960s?
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Which band released its first album in the 60s?
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Which subculture is the 1960s famous for?
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Which of these acts was popular during most of the 1960s?
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The first _________ transplant happened during the 1960s.
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What was banned in public schools during the 1960s by the Supreme Court?
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The first ever _____________ occurred in 1967.
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During the My Lai massacre, U.S. troops killed hundreds of _______.
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Which film franchise began in the 1960s?
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The first ever televised presidential debate was between ________ and Nixon.
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Which now major corporation opened its first store in the 1960s?
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How much was a semester's tuition at Harvard in 1962?
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The first ever _________ Supreme Court Justice was appointed during the 1960s.
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Which of these government programs began in the 1960s?
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Which comic book superhero made his debut during the swinging '60s?
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How much was the minimum wage in 1960?
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In California, one of the first _______ was created.
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ABC aired its first color TV series, _________, during this decade.
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