How well do you know "The Three Musketeers?"


Who played the role of the Duke of Buckingham?

Orlando Bloom played the role of the Duke of Buckingham. He's been in many other well-known movies such as "Pirates of the Carribean" and "The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King."

Who played the role of Porthos?

Ray Stevenson played the role of Porthos. He also had roles in movies such as "Thor" and "Divergent," as well as many roles in televisions shows.

Where did the beginning of the movie take place?

The movie took place in Venice, Italy during the 17th century.

On what did Aramis land when he jumped from a building during a mission?

When he jumped from a building, Aramis landed on a boat that was floating on the river. He attacked the men who were on the boat and grabbed something from one of them, before throwing them in the water.

What did Porthos say he was doing when he was chained up by Cagliostro's men?

Porthos said he was catching Cagliostro. Cagliostro was under the impression that he had caught Porthos. The joke was on him when the two other Musketeers showed up.

What happened when the three locks in the floor were unlocked?

When the three locks in the floor were unlocked, stairs appeared leading down to another floor. There was a long hallway that was lined with small cannons that fired steel balls if someone passed.

Whose blueprints did The Three Musketeers have?

The Three Musketeers had blueprints that were created by Leonardo da Vinci. Milady was in on the plan and helped them steal the blueprints.

To whom did Milady give the blueprints?

Milady gave the Duke of Buckingham the blueprints that she helped the Musketeers steal. She said he gave her a better offer, and it was nothing personal.

What did d'Artagnan want to become?

d'Artagnan wanted to become a Musketeer like his father. His father trained him to be a great fighter until he was ready to go out and actually become a Musketeer.

What did d'Artagnan's mother give him before he went off on his journey?

d'Artagnan's mother gave him a horse named Buttercup to take on his journey to Paris. His father also gave him a sword that had been passed down for many generations.

What did Captain Rochefort do to d'Artagnan?

Captain Rochefort shot d'Artagnan after he made an insulting comment about d'Artagnan's horse and d'Artagnan asked him to apologize. d'Artagnan said he would have to kill Rochefort if he didn't apologize, but the Captain shot him before he could do anything, leaving a flesh wound.

What did the Duke of Buckingham build?

The Duke of Buckingham built the war machine. He built it using da Vinci's blueprints that Milady had given to him. She informed Cardinal Richlieu about the completion of the machine.

What did d'Artagnan find out when his "appointments" arrived?

d'Artagnan found out that all of his appointments were made up of The Three Musketeers. He told them that he had traveled all the way to Paris to become one of them. They told him there were no more Musketeers.

Who did d'Artagnan and the Musketeers first fight together?

d'Artagnan and the Musketeers fought Richelieu's men together, after they stormed in and demanded that the Musketeers surrender. d'Artagnan started attacking the soldiers and the Musketeers joined in to help him!

Who did the the Musketeers invite into their home?

The Musketeers invited d'Artagnan into their home. After they saw him fight Richelieu and his men, and talked to him for a bit, they decided that he wasn't such a bad guy after all.

What does Aramis do after he kills someone?

Aramis prays for the men that he kills. He says that even though the men he kills are horrible people, they still deserve their peace.

In whose bed did the Musketeers allow d'Artagnan to stay?

The Musketeers allowed d'Artagnan to sleep in Planchet's bed. Planchet was Musketeers' servant, and he upset them when he told them that they had no more money.

At what did the King ask the Musketeers to be the next day, after he summoned them to his castle?

The King asked the Musketeers to show up to a parade that was being held the day after he summoned them to his castle. He also arranged for them to get bags of gold and new clothing.

What was the purpose of the parade that the King asked the Musketeers to attend?

The parade that the King asked the Musketeers to attend was held in honor of the arrival of the Duke of Buckingham. He was the reason that the Musketeers had originally disbanded, so they were not happy to see him.

On what did the Duke of Buckingham arrive?

The Duke of Buckingham arrived at the palace on an airship, which the King envied. The airship was built from the drawings that Leonardo da Vinci created.

What did Milady de Winter steal from the Queen?

Milady de Winter stole the Queen's diamond necklace in an attempt to frame her. She also put love letters in the Queen's drawer to make it look like she was in a hidden relationship with the Duke of Buckingham.

Who did Constance ask to go to the Tower of London?

Constance asked d'Artagnan to go to the Tower of London to retrieve the Queen's necklace. After some persuasion, d'Artagnan consulted the Musketeers and they all agreed to help.

Who tricked Richelieu's men into thinking they were d'Artagnan?

Constance tricked Richelieu's men into thinking she was d'Artagnan so that d'Artagnan and the Musketeers could get out of the city and retrieve the Queen's necklace. She wore his hat and rode off on his horse, with Richelieu's men close behind.

What did d'Artagnan disguise himself as to blend in at the Tower?

d'Artagnan disguised himself as a soldier to blend in at the tower. He was able to slip inside from a ledge above, taking out another soldier in the process.

Who was the first Musketeer to be captured by Buckingham?

d'Artagnan was the first Musketeer to be captured by Buckingham. After he heard that d'Artagnan had been captured, Buckingham told his men to double security and keep the tower safe.

What did the Musketeers use against Buckingham?

The Musketeers used Buckingham's airship against him. When d'Artagnan was captured, he told Buckingham to look out the window where he saw his airship floating by with the Musketeers preparing to fire.

Who did Athos say was the only person that Milady de Winter trusted?

Athos told d'Artagnan that the only person who Milady de Winter trusts is herself. This is why he knew that she was the one who was in possession of the necklace, and the one they would have to go after.

Who was the driver of Milady's carriage?

Planchet was the driver of Milady de Winter's carriage. He was in on the Musketeers' plan and helped them to capture Milady and get her and the necklace on the airship.

How did Milady de Winter supposedly die?

Milady de Winter supposedly died by jumping from the airship and into the ocean. Athos was getting ready to kill her for what she had done, but after jumping, he said that she had died on her own terms and spared him of the thought that he had killed her.

What did the King ask Queen Anne to wear?

The King asked Queen Anne to wear her diamond necklace. After finding the fake letters to Buckingham that were planted by Milady, he wanted to see if she still had it.

What did d'Artagnan ask for from Rochefort in exchange for the necklace?

d'Artagnan made a deal with Rochefort that if he gave him the Queen's necklace, Constance would be able to come on board the Musketeers' ship. They released Constance to the ship, but knocked out d'Artagnan and fired on the ship.

Who fought Rochefort on the rooftop?

d'Artagnan fought Rochefort on a rooftop. Rochefort thought he would quickly get away with the necklace until d'Artagnan arrived and said he would kill him to get it back.

What did the Musketeers say the Cardinal got for the King?

The Musketeers said the Cardinal got the King an airship. The King was happy the Cardinal would do that for him, but wondered why the airship was so damaged.

What is the Musketeers' signature phrase?

The Three Musketeers' signature phrase is "All for one, and one for all!" They use this phrase at the end of the movie, once they finished retrieving the necklace from the Tower of London.

Who saved Milady de Winter?

The Duke of Buckingham saved Milady de Winter's life. She woke up on board of his ship where he told her that she wasn't dead and that they were going to France to take back what was his.

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