Quiz: How Well Do You know the TV Show, "Ghost Whisperer"?
How Well Do You know the TV Show, "Ghost Whisperer"?
By: Stella Alexander
Image: CBS

About This Quiz

Is it Halloween yet? If you're thinking about spirits and ghosts, it might be because October 31st is rolling around. Another reason you might be thinking about them is that they're the stars of your favorite TV show. From seeing ghosts to being able to communicate with them, do you remember the TV show, "Ghost Whisperer"?

When it comes to TV, you'll always have a slew of shows dedicated to the supernatural. Vampires lead the way with Buffy the Vampire Slayer and True Blood. You'd find their sometimes rivals, werewolves, in series like "The Originals or Teen Wolf." If you want the entire gang of supernatural creatures, all you'd have to do is watch "Supernatural," a series that features monsters, demons, and ghosts, but if the latter is your favorite, you'd do well with the CBS show, "Ghost Whisperer." 

Premiering in 2005, Ghost Whisperer followed a woman who had the ability to see and communicate with ghosts. With a combination of friendly and hostile spirits, she was tasked with helping them cross over into the afterlife. Initially, she dealt with these spirits in her outside life, but soon they would infiltrate her personal life through the people closest to her. After five seasons it seemed that her job was done with the ending of the series, but your job isn't! After watching five years worth of ghosts and spirits, how well do you know the TV show, "Ghost Whisperer"?  Let's find out!

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