Quiz: How Well Do You Know the TV Show House M.D.?
How Well Do You Know the TV Show House M.D.?
By: Torrance Grey
Image: FOX

About This Quiz

Starring British actor Hugh Laurie, "House" premiered in 2004 and went on to become one of the most-watched TV dramas in the world - except in Laurie's native England, where his longtime comedy partner, Stephen Fry, was often asked "whatever happened" to Laurie! 

Medical dramas had already been drifting away from their ultra-sincere roots, with endlessly caring and nearly perfect doctors. The quirky '80s show "St. Elsewhere" and then the morally complex "E.R." were proof of that. But no one had seen anything like Dr. Greg House, a pill-addicted cynic whose mantra was "everybody lies." Following their mentor's lead, House's trainees lied to and manipulated their patients, as well as each other. Oddly, though, House seemed to bring out the best in his medical fellows, at least professionally. Meanwhile, Drs. Cuddy and Wilson tried to keep House's behavior within the realms of the semi-reasonable, Cuddy as House's supervisor and Wilson as his only true friend. 

Are you a true "House" fan? Then return to the halls of Princeton-Plainsboro with our quiz! We'll test you on the dramas, diagnoses and drugs of this 2000s show... and we promise, for this test you won't have to climb into the MRI of Doom! 

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