Quiz: "McLintock!" How Much Can You Remember About This Western Comedy?
"McLintock!" How Much Can You Remember About This Western Comedy?
By: Brandy
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Alright, pilgrim -- think you're the ultimate John Wayne fan? Can you quote every great western film while pushing your horse at full gallop? Take our quiz to prove your knowledge of "McLintock," a western comedy that pairs the legendary Duke with film icon Maureen O'Hara -- the fifth onscreen pairing between the two.

John Wayne may be known as the King of Westerns, but "McLintock" gave the actor a chance to show off a softer -- and funnier -- side that he rarely had the opportunity to exercise during his long movie career. The fresh film was such a success that it ranked among the top-grossing films of 1963, and many Wayne fans still list it among their favorite westerns.

Inspired by Shakespeare's "The Taming of the Shrew," "McLintock" features John Wayne as a wealthy rancher named G. W. McLintock who's been estranged from wife Katie -- played by O'Hara -- for several years. It's got the usual John Wayne fare, from old west towns to Indian uprisings, but adds a humorous twist to distinguish it from a typical western.

There's a rollicking mud fight, scenes of Maureen O'Hara flouncing through the streets in her bloomers, and a couple of eye-raising spanking scenes that would draw all kinds of criticism if they were recreated today.

Think you remember every detail of this western battle-of-the-sexes comedy? Take our quiz to find out!

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