Quiz: How Well Do You Know the Women of the Bible?
How Well Do You Know the Women of the Bible?
By: Becky Stigall
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About This Quiz

How familiar are you with the women of the Bible? Do you think you could name them all? Take this How Stuff Works quiz to find out just how much you remember about these influential women.

Sure, you know all about Eve, the first woman ever, but did you know that she really may not have been the first woman? According to some religious historians, Adam actually had another companion before Eve. 

Although this claim is not part of the Book of Genesis or the Torah, some claim that Lilith was actually Adam's first companion. She was made of the same dirt as Adam and was to serve as his companion, but she left the Garden of Eden because she was not happy with a position of subservience. 

Although Lilith does appear in some writings, she is typically not looked upon favorably by practitioners of Judaism or Christianity. Whether or not you believe the legend of Lilith, and whether or not you look upon her part positively in the history of religion, she might just appear in this quiz along with a total of 35 iconic women of the Bible.

Do you think you can identify all 35 of these women of the Bible? Let's find out.

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Who gave Adam the apple?
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Who asked Abraham to sire a child with her maidservant, Hagar?
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Who was married to Er and then involved with his brother, Onan?
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Who was the wife of King David?
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Who was Moses' wife?
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Who was Jesus' mother?
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What evil queen inspired a modern insult?
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Who married the Herod brothers?
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Who killed her own grandchildren?
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Who cut Samson's hair?
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Who was King Asa's mother?
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Who was Moses' mother?
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Who was the mother of the prophet, Samuel?
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Who is considered the first female prophet?
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Who predicted the Canaanite defeat?
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Who spearheaded a religious revival?
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Who is the only female prophet in the New Testament?
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Who was the wife of Joseph in the Old Testament?
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Whose name was also Judith?
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Who was Leah's handmaid and Jacob's wife?
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Orpah was _____ sister-in-law.
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Bilhah was _______ handmaid.
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Who was also called Tabitha?
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Who was the wife of Abraham and the mother of Isaac?
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Who was the mother of John the Baptist?
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Who was Herodias' daughter?
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Who was the only female judge of the Bible?
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Who was the daughter of Ishmael?
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Who was Hosea's wife?
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Who was Isaac's wife in the Book of Genesis?
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Who was created from a rib?
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Who was the wife of Heber the Kenite?
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Who was the "woman who has worked hard in the Lord."
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Who married Abraham after Sarah died?
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There is some argument over whether Eve or _______ was Adam's first wife.
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