Quiz: How Well Do You Know the Women of the Old Testament?
How Well Do You Know the Women of the Old Testament?
By: Zoe Samuel
Image: PNN News and Ministry Network (www.ppsimmons.com)

About This Quiz

The Old Testament is full of colorful characters, and while it is heavily skewed toward giving us more information about the men than their counterparts, it does have some pretty badass ladies in it. There are women who overturn unjust inheritance laws to claim their equal share. There are women who take and hold thrones of mighty kingdoms, and who demand equal treatment from fellow rulers. There are women of integrity who refuse to allow poverty or even being a refugee to be grounds for compromising what they believe in. They're not all working with the good guys, though - there are also idolaters, evil prophets, con women, thieves, tricksters and all manner of female villains.

How well do you remember these women? Sure, you probably read some Bible stories as a child and you might have even attended church or Sunday school. Still, we all know that as kids, we spent most of that time passing notes to our friends and generally doing anything but actually listening. If we know the Bible well, it's probably because we chose to familiarize ourselves later on. So let's see whether you've done a good job getting good and knowledgeable about the Good Book!

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