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What word is used for small rolls filled with different types of food?

Croquettes are filled with food such as meat and wrapped in a crumb. The word comes from the French word "croquer" which means to crunch.


What is "praline"?

"Praline" is a confection that is typically made of sugar, often containing pecans. Did you know that there are even praline cookies?


Which term is used to refer to soaking food?

To marinate something is to do this and it would typically involve meat soaking in sauce of marinade. The term comes from both French and Italian.


Which of the following would you do to a turkey that you're cooking?

You can dress a turkey. The word "dress" can be used in a few different ways when it comes to cooking, for example, the dressing on a salad.


Is it true or false that "coring" is the process of removing a core?

This is true. Coring is the process of removing a core using a corer or other tool. This can be done on food like fruits or vegetables.


What does it mean to "sauté" something?

If you sauté something, you would be cooking it in hot fat. Many different vegetables can be sautéed, such as mushrooms and potatoes.


Which of the following terms can be used to describe pasta?

"Al dente" is a term used to describe pasta, which is typically synonymous with being "firm" rather than tender. Did you know that the word is derived from the Italian language?


What is gazpacho?

Gazpacho is type of soup that is typically eaten cold. Did you know that the word comes from the Spanish language?


Which of the following terms is used for saying "a thin slice"?

Émincé is the word used for this. It is a technique for slicing the food into thin pieces, and the term can also be used to refer to meat that has been sliced and covered in sauce.


Is it true or false that the word "consommé" is used for a soup with the fat removed from it?

This is true. Consommé is a French dish that is made of meat and vegetables. It is a soup that is served hot and when cooking, a raft will typically form.


Which spice is not used in Quatre-Epices?

Fennel seed is not used in Quatre-Epices. The four spices used are ginger, pepper, nutmeg and cloves which are commonly used in soups.


If you wanted to order something from a restaurant that was separate, rather than a meal, what would you ask for?

In this case, you would ask for your item "à la carte." This also means that your items would be priced separately when it comes to your bill.


What term is used to refer to food that is medicinal?

The term "nutraceutical" is used to refer to medicinal food. This can include everything from supplements and ingredients used in food.


Which of the following foods is also called a "vol-au-vent"?

Puff pastries are also called "vol-au-vent" due to the hole in the middle of them. The hole is typically filled with meats such as fish.


Is it true or false that the term "tourner" describe a technique of cutting food?

This is true. The technique is used to make the food into an elongated shape that is used for presentation. There are even knives that help to perfect the cut.


What is it called when leaves are sliced up?

Chiffonade is the term used for this type of cut. This cut is best for herbs with large leaves such as basil that can produce long slices.


What word is used to describe the process of cooking vegetables slowly in butter?

The term "sweating" is used to describe this process. When sweating something, it's important to keep the food from browning.


What is "allemande"?

"Allemande" is a sauce that is commonly put on meat and it is made of lemon juice and egg yolks. The sauce is French, but did you know that it shares its name with the word for "German dances"?


The term "rondeau" refers to what?

"Rondeau" refers to a rondeau pan which is used for many different cooking techniques. This includes frying and boiling due to the round sides of the pan.


Is it true or false that "sautoir" is a pastry?

This is false. Sautoir is a type of pan that is used for browning vegetables. The pan is meant to be shaken around to move the contents inside so that they cook evenly.


What does the phrase "mise en place" mean?

This phrase means "everything in its place." It can refer to many things such as the ingredients and utensils being in order before cooking begins.


Which of the following terms refers to the process of boiling?

"Scald" is the correct term used for this. The process is often used for a variety of different processes such as when scalding milk or making cake.


What is "pâté"?

"Pâté" is a spread made of fat and meat as well as other ingredients such as vegetables. It can be used in a variety of different ways such as on various meats.


Which term refers to the pouring of alcohol into a pan?

The term flambé is used for this technique. Did you know that the term comes from the French language and refers to the flames that shoot up in the pan after the alcohol is added?


Is it true or false that "essence" is the term used to describe raw meat?

This is false. "Essence" is a term that refers to the flavor of something. It is also a common term to use when speaking of wine.


What term is used for a substance found in vinegar?

Acid is found in vinegar and usually any other food that is considered to taste sour. Other acidic foods include eggs and alcohol.


What is the correct term for the cooking utensil that is used to smooth out the ingredients?

The correct term for this utensil is "whisk". There are many different kinds of whisks, but the most commonly used whisk is the balloon whisk.


Which of the following can be "unleavened"?

Bread can be unleavened, along with other pastries or baked foods. The term typically refers to there being a lack of rising agent in the food.


Which of the following would be poured on meat?

Baste is the substances that is poured onto meat. It is typically in the form of sauce that gives the meat its flavor while cooking.


Is it true or false that deglazing is when you lick the icing from a donut?

This is false. Deglazing is when the brown bits stuck in the bottom of a pan are removed, usually by adding liquid. This is the beginning of many wonderful sauces and gravies.


What is "zest"?

Zest is the skin from fruits that is peeled off. After being peeled, the zest is added to other foods to spice them up and give them some more flavor.


Which of the following can you do to gelatin?

You can bloom gelatin, which is the process that is done before adding it to a dish. Blooming is used to make the gelatin soft and to prepare it.


What term is used for a solution of salt and water used in cooking?

Brine is the name of this solution. It is commonly used to add flavor to the food and to keep the food good for a longer period of time.


Which technique is commonly used on eggs?

Eggs are commonly whipped after being cracked. The process makes air go into the eggs in order to change their texture.


Which term is used to refer to the artificial sweetener found in some food?

The name of the artificial sweetener is Xylitol. It is most commonly found in items like gum but it can be used when baking at home as well.


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