Quiz: How Well Do You Know These Disney Animals?
How Well Do You Know These Disney Animals?
By: Isadora Teich
Image: Disney Picture

About This Quiz

Are you a Disney buff who knows the magic of its many characters inside and out? Did you grow up with Disney and know that there's way more to it all than princesses and songs? 

If you are an animal lover who would watch "The Lion King" over "Pocahontas" any day, this is the quiz for you. If you know the names of the animal sidekicks across many of the films then this is the quiz for you. Many people get so caught up in the human drama, they forget about all of Disney's quirky and wonderful animal companions, but you know all of these furry friends by name. They are a big part of what makes each and every film special, whether they take center stage or not. 

Disney is full of treats for animal lovers. These treats range from villainous sea creatures to friendly stray dogs to royal lions and aristocratic housecats. Dinsey has its share of friendly raccoons and fish and even mythic creatures. If you have a handle on all things that are Disney and pet-friendly, and you're ready to put your love of animals and love of Disney together, then give this animalistic quiz a barking try! 

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