Quiz: How Well Do You Know These European Countries?
How Well Do You Know These European Countries?
By: Zoe Samuel
Image: shutterstock

About This Quiz

Europe has been settled since before civilization was really a thing. Humanity arrived there even before constructing a home instead of dwelling in a cave had become the fashionable way to live. As a result, there has been history to remember since before history and writing, about tribes who coalesced into nations. A great many countries have risen and fallen on the continent since its dawn. Some became mighty empires who stood astride the world for generations. Others rose and then winked out in scarcely the blink of a dynastic eye.

These days, Europe has some 50-odd countries, if you count those whose borders reach beyond the continental shelf. Some of them are pretty new and others have been there for millennia. Some are wealthy and powerful, while others are relatively poor and fragile, depending on the American security umbrella to keep their borders secure. Most are democratic, though some are authoritarian - and one or two are flat-out dictatorships. Some are hot and sunny, while others are so northerly that they are snowbound for years and barely see the sun for months every year.

How well do you know them? Can you identify them from a single fact or three? Let's find out!

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